Stories of the Prophets Notebooking pages!

I'd like to try notebooking, so experimenting with pages! I thought might be nice as part of literacy to write up the stories of the Prophets, so have come up with a few different styles for this topic.....

***Note*** - the space provided for an image, is not intended to draw any of the Prophet's, but rather to draw a picture which represents the main essence of the story, for example, a fruit tree could represent the Story of Prophet Adam, a ship to represent Prophet Nuh and so on.

I've slightly indented the boarder on the left side to allow for a hole-punch.
An extension page is also available for older children and those who can write longer assignments inshallah (just print off as many extension sheets as needed)

Style 1:
Available for download inshallah HERE!
Extension page download HERE!

Style 2:
Available to download inshallah  HERE!
Extension Page HERE!

Style 3:
Available to download inshallah HERE!
Extension Page download HERE!


  1. As salaamu alaykum,

    These are beautiful, maa shaa Allah!

  2. Wa'alaikum asalaam wa rahmatullah,

  3. mashaAllah ,,,we always use old notebook pages but to show how much your work means to us,,,,,we will inshaAllah do our Prophet's notebooking on these pages inshaAllah,ummammaar


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