Alphabet picture wheels

Last night I was exhausted, not too well, with a sore throat and achy....but knew I would not be able to sleep! Alhamdulillah. So I was up late searching google images for activity ideas to do with Z today. MashAllah I came across some great ideas which I plan to use in the near future inshallah.

Amongst searching I came up with my own idea (although I am pretty sure hundreds of people have probably done this)

I decided to quickly prepare some alphabet wheels, as I haven't done alot with Z on her alphabet since we started, we've still only covered s,a and t alhamdulillah.

All I did was print off 4 clip arts from google images starting with each letter. And then today Z and I put together the wheels.

First I cut out the images ready for Z to stick.
 For the wheels I just used a bowl to draw around, and cut out a quarter section of the top piece.

I then laminated each of the pieces and put together using a brass fastener. Now Z can use it to spin around and see different images which start with each letter sound inshallah.

Inshallah, each new letter I introduce, we will make a new letter wheel. I'm trying to make more resources rather than buying them, and I think if a child helps make it, they will get a greater benefit from them inshallah.

As I was typing this up, Z was sat behind me with the little instruction booklet for one of the learning roots snap cards we have......because it is written in both Arabic as well as English, she thought it was a Qur'an and sat there "reciting" (you know what I mean....mumble jumble made up words with a Qur'anic rhythm) - was cute, reminded me of what K used to do (how quickly it is to forget those days!)

K was using the galt picture shapes and nails - she followed the instructions to produce this, as she was pleased with herself she instructed me to take a pic to put on the computer! (little madam mashAllah!)


  1. Masha Allaah, you are sO creative ukhtee. Barakallaah feekum! Very nice ideas and easy to do stuff! Khadeejah seems more like Maimoonah! lol, May be when both meet each other it would be very interesting : ) Insha Allaah! galt picture shapes and nails sounds a good idea for Maimoonah too, will check it out insha Allaah! Please tell Khadeejah she has done well and we are so proud of her!!

  2. Masha Allah, love the picture wheels :) you should try signing up for, its really worth while if you diy materials. I use things from there all the time. ABCteach is also great.

    Fee Amaanillah
    Umm Imaan

  3. JazakAllah khayr sisters for both your comments.

    Umm Imaan - I've thought about Enchanted learning but wasn't 100% sure as I think you have to pay right? Maybe I'll go have another look.

    Asalaamu alaikum
    Umm Khadeeja x

  4. Wa alaikum salaam Umm Khadeeja, yes you have to pay $20 for a 12 month subscription. I have used it a lot as I make quite a few of my own materials. ABCteach is better I think, if you like montessori nomenclature material then it is good, it costs twice as much tho! They have some really nice free things to whet your appetite :)

    Wa iyaaki
    Fee Amaanillah
    Umm Imaan


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