Story of Hud

Once a week, we have a few families who get together each Monday for a Qur'an and Islamic Studies lesson - this week was the story of Prophet Hud alais salaam (we are going through the prophets stories each week inshallah) and was taught by one of the other sisters mashAllah.

This is what she did - she recapped the story of Prophet Nuh alais salaam before reading the story of Hud, followed by an activity in which she had asked the children to make a tree to bring to the class so that they could make a city using blocks and the trees.

The sister then used a desk top fan to use as wind to show the city being blown down and destroyed (with a little help from excited children's hands!)

I might print out the pictures and ask K to do a small write-up of the Story....we'll see!


  1. Nice way of learning masha Allaah! Nice to have a group to learn these things for a change. Maimoonah would love the company!!!

  2. Alhamdulillah we are quite blessed that there is a good community of home-edders here MashAllah so we can get together to let the kids learn and share ideas together.

    - we've noticed recently that the kids are starting to bounce off each others ideas and are getting inspired seeing what their friends have done. - another thing I've started to do to help encourage and inspire K more is show her what other little kids do on blogs - mashAllah it really helps give her ideas and motivation mashALlah. - so even if you may not have alot of other home edders around where you live, alhamdulillah we have the internet which allows us all to share ideas no matter where in the world we all are...which is nice for the kids.

  3. Assalaamu alaykum, your blog is soo inspiring masha Allah. I am only doing a fraction of what I should be so i'm glad i found you. Lots of ideas and examples great stuff!

  4. I have just shown Asiya these and she was most excited!! Great was to revise the story :)

  5. Wa'alaikum asalaam sis,

    Alhamdulillah! There are many good home edding blogs around, I've listed a few on my blog list - need to add a couple more inshallah!


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