Homeschool Planning For Muslim Mums

Homeschool Planning workshop for muslim mums

One thing I would say when it comes to planning homeschool, is try to make it a pleasurable experience for yourself. Give yourself time to do it, ideally undisturbed while the kids are busy, in bed, or off being entertained by Dad. Having this quietness without distraction is going to help you to focus and enjoy the experience. Grab your favourite drink, resources and planner. Set yourself up so you have everything you need in front of you at hand, and you're set to go. 

But what if you're not too sure on effective methods for homeschool planning? What if you don't know where to start or what you need? 

If you're looking for a homeschool planning 101, I'm your girl. I'm excited to be opening up the planning masterclasses from the Homeschool With Confidence 16-week course, to offer a 2-day workshop if you didn't want to sign up for the whole course series.

When it comes to homeschool, anxiety often flairs up when we feel we are not in control because we don't know what we should be doing. And an anxious mum makes for a stressful homeschool experience. I know myself, when I have everything set in order and ready, the week runs smoothly Alhamdulillah. When I don't, then my anxiety monster cranks his weight heavy upon my shoulders. 

One thing I have learned over a decade of home educating is that planning doesn't have to be hard. Nor does it need to take forever to do. Certainly, you don't want to be spending more time preparing your lessons than it takes the kids to actually get through them. That would be madness! Homeschool planning can even be quite fun....yes, it can. Having a plan gives you a roadmap. It isn't inscribed upon a stone tablet that you're unable to deviate from. If you come across a more scenic route you're free to take it. But having the map helps you to find direction. This is what homeschool planning does. It offers a guide to allow you to move toward your objectives but doesn't need to enslave you. 

Over two weeks, I'll share with you some simple methods for homeschool planning so that you can feel empowered and in control insha'Allah. I'll show you how to plan using my printable planner that you'll receive as an attendee as well as introduce you to how you can create your own custom made planner to meet all your unique needs, using an ordinary notebook.

Let's take a look at what we'll cover over the two masterclasses bi'ithnillah....

Knowing your children so you can homeschool plan

Class 1: Knowing Your Child

In this first session, we'll lay the foundation with what I call the primer to successful planning: knowing your children. 
Your children are at the centre of your homeschool efforts, so we'll begin with them in mind and work through some gentle exercises together to help you figure out who your little people are so you can equip them with what they need as you put your plans together later. 
By the end of the class, you will have decided what kind of planner you will want to use (because there isn't a one-size-fits-all) together with having a clearer picture of each of your children's needs and objectives or goals for the next 12 months.

Class 2: To Plan Or Not To Plan

Our second session will walk you through using the printable planner as well as show you how to plan without a pre-made planner using your own individual customised notebook or journal so you have a choice on what suits you best.
We will explore:
  • Setting up your printable or custom planner
  • Address the differences between yearly, monthly and weekly planning options
  • Monthly Relective planning
  • 4 week lesson outline to map out an overview of 4 weeks of homeschool
  • Topic planning / designing your own lesson
  • Planning without a plan...because sometimes life happens!
  • Example lesson plans using both the pre-made planner and customised journal 
homeschool planning

What attendees receive

Participants will receive:

  • 2 live classes 
  • Both class replays so you can review later or view at a time more convenient to you
  • Ink-friendy class notes PDF (ideal for printing)
  • Colour class notes as an eBook PDF (ideal for digital viewing with full-colour images throughout)
  • Bonus: Invitation to my members-only Telegram group. Alhamdulillah this isn't a busy group so it shouldn't cause a distraction for you, however you may find it beneficial to have access to mutual group support
  • Bonus: Homeschool planner printable 2020-2021 PDF
Homeschool Planning workshop materials


When are the classes?
The live classes are on Sunday 23rd and Sunday 30th August 2020 at 6:30pm UK time insha'Allah. If you can't make it live don't worry, you can access the class replays. Due to time zone differences many sisters sign up to view at their own convenience - Alhamdulillah one of the perks of modern technology right!

Where are the classes held?
The live classes run through Zoom. You will be required to download zoom to join live. If you are viewing the replays instead, you won't require anything to access. 

How much?
The mini-course fee is £25 inclusive of live classes, replays, class notes and free Bonus Planner printable.

Can men join?
This is a strictly women-only class. It is not permitted for men to join or listen to the classes. You must be able to listen to the classes (whether live or on replay) where men can not hear, or alternatively to use headphones. 

Will I receive physical copies of the class notes and planner?
All material is supplied as digital PDFs for you to print or view digitally. There will be no physical products sent to you. 

Are you ready to register to Homeschool Planning 101?

To sign up to this 2-day workshop, please email to make payment. 
Register before Saturday 22nd to join the live classes, or sign up anytime to catch the replays at your own convenience. 

Looking forward to sharing with you soon! 

Umm Khadeeja Xx

homeschool planning how to guide

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