Surviving School-At-Home

free online workshop for Muslim mums surviving school-at-home following the coronavirus school closures

With many mums across the UK and around the world finding themselves suddenly thrown into a schooler-at-home position, I want to offer a little guidance to help you settle and adapt to this new role you have been thrust into insha’Allah.

Whilst many of you have been provided with work to carry out at home, it is not an easy task implementing what is meant for school within the home as a parent; because your home simply is not a school and nor is it meant to be.

I want to offer some gentle guidance to show you how you can help unite the demands of school within your home without tearing your hair out insha’Allah!

This time we are facing is one of unease and I want to help lessen the burden and anxiety many mums are feeling during this time.

Next Sunday 29th March at 7:30pm UK time (BST) I invite you to join me for a FREE online workshop designed to help you navigate this unexpected situation insha’Allah.
The replay will be available for 24 hours only.

To make it easy to access, the workshop will be streamed live in a private Facebook group as this will be easier for me to allow participants to join.
I realise not everyone uses Facebook however creating an account is super easy and not any different to signing up to any other platform I could use to host this workshop.

This is a strictly WOMEN ONLY online event and you must be able to listen where no men can hear or alternatively use headphones.

To join you will be asked to swear by Allah that you are female and will honor my instruction to not allow any men to hear the workshop presentation. This is a trust I am giving that I trust will be upheld insha'Allah.

Come join the private group to offer one another mutual support during this time and attend the live workshop on Sunday 29th March bi'ithnillah - click {HERE TO JOIN}

You may also benefit from this short eBook I put together to help advise my sisters in this situation ease into home learning - click {here to access}

Free online workshop for muslim mums with Covid-19 school closures

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