Torn between school and homeschool?

torn between school and homeschool? your free guide to help you choose

I receive questions from mothers unsure whether they should choose school or home education for their growing family.

 I totally get this dilemma; it's something my husband and I faced years ago when trying to figure out what route we should take for ours.
So what is the right thing to do and how do you discover the answer right for you?

There isn't anything anyone can say about what is best for your family. Each one of us face different circumstances, have different needs and different opportunities available to us.

For some, amazing schools are close by. For others not so.
For some, access to good Islamic schools is affordable. For others, not.
For some, spousal support is abundant. For others it isn't.
For some, children have special education needs, face bullying, illness or any other number of factors that make certain education routes difficult.

We really are all different and there truly is no one size fits all approach.

I always endeavour to reply to everyone who contacts me for advice. However since this is an issue that comes up regularly I figured it would be useful to have something on hand that will provide the guidance that many are looking for. And whilst the advice I can offer is general, my objective in supporting home educating mothers is, and has always been to help you discover the answers you need specific to your situation. The best way to benefit from any answer is to discover them yourself.

free ebook guide to help you choose between school and homeschool

I've designed this free resource to help you derive the answers unique to your needs, objectives and goals; not mine or anyone else's. To help you choose whether it is school or home education that is the best fit for your family, according to the resources and opportunities you have available to you, and the circumstances you face.

So if you're torn between school and homeschool, use this guide to help you figure out what you should do inshaAllah.

Download your

  >free guide to help you choose between school and home education<

for your family.

download your free guide to help you choose between school or homeschool for your family

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  1. It's been the most worst phase of my life. My elder son who is 11 now has been having school refusal and was bullied badly. As I was handling this my younger son 7 year old is having learning difficulties. I have been going from pillar to post to seek help. Kept changing schools and therapist. Completely unable to make decisions. . I


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