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Muslim Home Schoolers women's group
It's hard to believe this blog is over 7 years old...almost as old as my youngest child and I probably treat it like my youngest baby truth be told!

I try my best to nurture it; feeding it with articles and resources to keep it alive...perhaps at times allowing it to get a little too hungry; but I'm sure that just helps develop the appetite.

This has been my project, and over the years since its birth, I've seen the numbers of Muslim home schoolers rise as more and more of us jump on this rocky, wobbly road of home education Alhamdulillah.

And that's awesome for all of us, because as our community grows we gain more and more support; learning from one another's experiences and benefiting from the wisdom of those who have treaded upon this path before us.

For quite some time I've been wanting to take this project to the next level; to be more than just a blog to share information, to somehow actually help make a difference inshaAllah.

This is what Muslim Home Schoolers is all about.....

To help strengthen and bring our home schooling community together inshaAllah, last month I created over on Facebook our very own (women only) private group Muslim Home Schoolers.

It's a safe space for Muslimah Home Schoolers to connect, share, as well as give and receive mutual support and advice.

Whether you are new to home schooling or you're an old pro, I invite you to join us in our private group, where we can connect, motivate and inspire one another upon our own home schooling adventures, to create amazing home schools across the globe that totally rock bi'ithnillah!

What are you waiting for?
Muslim Home Schoolers - a private facebook group for women to connect, support and inspire to build awesome home schools across the globe that rock inshaAllah!

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