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arabic scrapbook based on gatewayto arabic
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Learning Arabic has always been a huge goal in my house....although admittedly efforts to do so haven't always been consistent, or as dedicated as it could.
Despite the fact that my father's side of the family are indeed all native Arab speakers, I am not. I feel the struggle to master this massively important language skill as an adult, so its something I hope my children will achieve whilst they are young, despite my own shortcomings bi'ithnillah.

I've decided on Gateway to Arabic (book 2) to form the core of our formal language studies this year. It's easy to follow and the explanations are pretty simple and concise.
We do also have Madina Arabic Reader which I like for its colour layout, however, I prefer the simple explanations offered in Gateway. So although we probably will use the Madina books to supplement further reading and exercise practice, it will be Gateway to Arabic that we will fundamentally be following.

My 11 and 8 year old are at noticeably different levels as well as learning abilities, and so although I'm planning to go through it with both inshaAllah, I don't expect my youngest to pick up and understand as much as her older sibling. However the hope is she will learn the vocabulary and if we aim to start using what we know in every day life, then hopefully the "grammar" will pick up automatically, or at the very least prepare her for later when she is mature enough to comprehend.

 To aid our learning we thought it would be pretty neat to create a scrapbook to go along with our main program.
I don't want us to just rush through the book simply to say its done...much to the dismay of my eldest who would probably like to do just that.

Rather, I want us to study it, and actually understand, memorise and apply its lessons bi'ithnillah. 

If you are familiar with interactive notebooks, what we are doing is pretty much the same thing, just instead of using an exercise book (if you are reading from the USA, I believe you guys call it a composition book) we are working in a coloured paper scrapbook. Which ever you prefer, works fine.

The idea is to go through one lesson of Gateway to Arabic each week, or 1-2 pages. We'll then go over the topic using our scrapbook, taking time to digest the new material and vocabulary over several days.

Each printable scrapbook activity will have some copy-work from the text to help emphasise the new lesson, as well as some important highlights and new vocabulary words covered, however I won't ask my youngest to work on everything I have prepared; rather I will give her what is easy for her (she is a struggling writer .....I'll explain more how I am using this with her in my next scrapbook post inshaAllah)

I find that my children, like many people, learn much better if information can be presented to them in more than one way.
So working through the Arabic program, together with supplementary reading  and going over the lesson again using our scrapbook, I hope will help them to really "get it" inshaAllah.
Gateway to Arabic printable scrapbook

If you would like to join us, then get yourself a copy of Gateway to Arabic book 2, and down load the free Printable Arabic Scrapbook below.
Each week a new lesson will be uploaded and added to the "Gateway to Arabic" tag you can find in the side bar inshaAllah.

Here is lesson 1, covering pages 2-3 in the book, on the topic of Gender:

Printable Arabic Scrap / interactive notebook lesson 1a (pages 2-3) grammar
Printable Arabic Scrap / interactive notebook lesson 1b new vocabulary

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