World famous lemon battery experiement

Lemon battery experiment for kids
Did you know you can use lemons to make a battery? Well, you can subhanAllah. Its not going to power the kettle in the kitchen.....but it will light up an LED diode inshallah!

Online Book Club!

Online Book Club by A Muslim Home School
Despite our best efforts, sometimes a toddler tantrum or forever nagging a teen to tidy their room, eventually gets to us. We break. We snap. We scream. We lay down demands.

We can't understand why our 8 year old is creating such a fuss when we told him we need to get on our coats and get into the car!
We don't see what our 10 year olds problem is to share her books with her younger sister!
We don't see why telling the kids its bedtime causes such an eruption of frustration!
What is the matter with these kids!

Happy learning

A happy home school lesson, is a lesson learnt!
As I sat with my youngest this morning whilst she worked on her Maths, she worked so well barakAllahu feeha, that after finishing one page, I braved suggesting lets take a 5 minute break and we'll do another.
She asked why, since for such a long time we have stuck to completing one page a day. I answered gently, explaining we really should try to be doing 2 pages (I will admit we probably are a bit behind in maths). She was okay with that, and we sat together playing with the number blocks, creating little sculptures if you will for 5 minutes, then set to work on page 2, which she worked through beautifully Alhamdulillah.

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