Place value numbers 10-19....colouring fun!

Please raise your hand if you have a child who sees the number 14, but reads it as 41, or a 13 which comes out as 31, or a 19 which she will tell you is 91!
In my latest attempt to win this battle, I've put together a simple colouring activity, which (hopefully) demonstrates the place values for the tens and units, by inserting the manipulatives inside each digit

This will work really well if you use the Math U See blocks or base ten units because you can instruct your child to colour the tens and ones blocks the same matching colours to what you use.

Once completed, cut out and stick together so that you will have one long row of numbers! Fold concertina style so you can open and flip through the pages like a book, or open it right out and spread across the floor or wall!

There are 2 versions to choose from: a cover with either a girl or a boy. To download simply select which you want and click onto the high-lighted text below.


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