fun free maths games to learn number facts to 10!

free printable math games to learn number facts / bonds to 10
Its no secret in my house....we hate maths! It seems that when maths comes up there always seems to be tears or tantrums! Okay, maybe not every time...but often enough that I get a headache just thinking about teaching it!
My eldest does seem to have a real aversion for maths...but I don't believe at all that its because she is not capable of understanding it, her problem is that she doesn't want to do the "thinking" part of maths. With maths there is a right answer and a wrong answer....there is no grey in-between. Its not like literacy where you can blag your way through and still come out with a nice piece of work! Maths requires actual thinking and working out to arrive at the correct answer! And I think it is this which we seem to struggle with in my house!

Up until now, I have left maths really - my eldest really wasn't mature enough at earlier points to understand why she has to do this, and we would just end up in tears. We've now got to the stage where we need to start picking it up, and so are going back to fill in the fundamental gaps she needs before we can progress.
So what we are trying to do, is dedicate a week  (more if needed) to do mini crash-course's on particular areas of maths we need to catch up on.

First up on our list, is to solidify and memorise the number bonds to 10 inshaAllah! I printed off a few number bond worksheets from the internet and also came up with this fun number facts to 10 game pack, so we could learn them through play inshaAllah.
Maths games can be quite expensive, and to be honest, I know its not something which would be played figured I could easily come up with my own games that the kids would love inshaAllah instead of spending a fortune on Amazon!

number bonds to 10 printable matching game
Everyone loves playing snap / match. So these sweet looking number cards do just that! We spread the cards face down on the floor and take turns to pick up 2 cards. If the numbers together make 10, then the player keeps and takes another turn, if they don't make 10 then they are returned to the floor.
This is a really neat game to help the kids memorisation of the number facts without realising. My 5 year old played with us, so she had the number fact poster to check her facts. She would select a card, and see what number she needs to match it (unlike my 7 year old who had to just work it out if she didn't instantly know it).
number bonds to 10 printable dominos game
Another game is number bonds to 10 dominos! The idea is the number on the next connecting card must match together to make 10!

I tried to think up of as many games as I could to practice the learning of the bonds to 10, and so came up with these 2 board games. I laminated them together so on each side is a game.

The first game Race for 10, uses the snap cards. The cards are in a pile face down, and each player takes turns to take a card. The idea is, a player will move their counter forward to the nearest number which matches the number on their card to make 10. So for example, if the card picked is a 3, then the player will move to the nearest 7, because 3 and 7 make 10!

The second game Bonds to 10, is a game for 2 players or 2 teams. By answering a question correctly, the counter moves forward. Incorrectly, and you stay where you are!

The process of playing different games really does help to memorise the facts pretty quickly Alhamdulillah, and its something which the younger children who have not yet started their number facts can even join in with and get a head start!

number bonds to 10 printable posters
To go with the Printable math pack, I put together some number bond to 10 posters which can either be printed A4 or A5 size and stuck up on the wall. It is this poster on the bottom right corner above, which lists all the facts which I gave to my 5 year old to help her play the games.

Although I did use some printable worksheets I found online when we started our crash-course, I do think that what you can find is generally, pretty dull and boring! So as the grand finale, to put into practice and solidify understanding, I put together a few of my own worksheets to complete at the end.

number bonds / facts to 10 printable worksheets

I have to say, Alhamdulillah by the time my eldest was completing these, she had go the hang of it, and was able to instantly know the bonds off the top of her head!
Which proves my theory, that why spend weeks or even months when they are not ready trying to force them to learn something, when if given a little time to grow and mature, they can learn the same thing in a matter of days or even hours bi'ithnillah!

If this maths pack will help you in your homeschool / classroom, then I am pleased to say I am giving this one away Alhamdulillah!
Download a number bonds to 10 maths pack, with everything you see above and including matching number lines to 10 which can be used to help play the games, by clicking on the link  {here} inshaAllah!

Let me know what you think and how your kids get on with it in the comments below inshaAllah!


  1. Maashaa Allaah very nice ukhtee. I am sure your kids would come out of the maths myths soon. Its just a passing stage and they would love it soon Inshaa Allaah. I remember you were using collins. How did that go? Have you tried Nelson International Mathematics? These books seem very straightforward and to the point. Inshaa Allaah my post on our maths progress is sitting on my drafts, will share the pics of the books soon on the post.

  2. Ah its been a long time since Collins! lol.
    Right now we are using Singapore Maths and it seems to be the most straightforward I have found yet! So I'm using that combined with my own crash-cources and we've just started Khan Academy which I am finding soooo helpful Alhamdulillah! - I'm planning to do a post about Khan Academy because it is awesome and free Alhamdulillah!

  3. Masya Allah.. love the creativity in the colourful colours of the cards and board games. It's true.. sometimes when kids are younger, they might not be interested. We need to know what kind of learners they are in order to grab their interest in learning... Although my kids are attending pre-sch, I am also planning lessons on numbers and other themes to fill their time fruitfully.. Thks sis for the sharing.. :)

  4. Alhamdulillah. I definitely agree with you sis we need to figure out what kind of learners they are inshaAllah!


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