Considering home education part 2: Why do you Home Educate your children?

why do you home school? Part 2 of the "considering home education" series from
I sent out a questionnaire and many of you responded, JazakumAllahu khayran. There was so much good stuff in there I decided to share your gems to create a 6 part series helping to answer part 2 of my last post Considering home education

So here is a collection of advices from home schoolers across the globe. I hope that those thinking about homeschool or who are just starting out may find helpful bi'ithnillah.

Look out for part 3: What are the positives/benefits to home education?

Why do you home Educate your children?

"That has a very long answer! I homeschool because I love her and I love spending time with her. I homeschool because I love that our learning is not confined to a desk in a room. It’s in the car, the playground, the Mosque, the grocery store, the library, a friends house, the kitchen table, in arts and crafts, real life experiences, in books and online. I homeschool because learning can be fun, interesting and yes; even what the child wants to learn about. I homeschool because my daughter loves to learn when she is awake and comfortable. "
Holly, USA

"To give her the Tasfiyah and the Tarbiyah from me first and to educate her upon the sunnah. To protect her from the inevitable evils of the society that we are living in and I did not want anyone to put thoughts and concepts into her mind before me as I wanted her to learn the correct thing and did not want her to send out to get confused especially with the dheen of Allaah."
Umm Maimoonah, Qatar

"My child was at a disadvantage in school due to certain small leaning disabilities. My choice to teach her was so she would be in a different environment and one on one attention. I already intend
teaching the other 1 who is ready for Grade school next year because of the immense advantages I have noticed!"
Umm Yusuf, South Africa
"To give them the best preparation inshallah for their hereafter."
Umm Noor Zainab, UK
"I want to give them a quality islamic upbringing. There's to much fitnah, bullying and shaming in schools here, and I don't want my kids experience with learning to get ruined because of bullies or bad teachers."
Umm Safiya , Denmark 
"It is our duty to do that, and the first 10-12 years of their lives are so critical and delicate and need to be handled with care in order for Islamic principles and good personalities to stick."
Umm Romaisa, USA

"To make sure they have a good education. To protect them from the many bad influences at school. To have more time to teach them Islamic themed work."
Anonymous, UK
" My number 1 reason for home schooling, is to please Allah! To raise our children worshiping Allah through their youth and into adulthood inshaAllah, knowing it is only Allah Who guides.
Since home schooling, my reasons for educating at home have grown as long as my arm as I have started to see the many benefits to home-ed Alhamdulillah, and see the flaws of school! I want to have a family home, and not feel like I am running a bed and breakfast!
I want my children to be happy, healthy and work to achieve their full potential inshaAllah, without some one else shattering their aspirations or making them feel unworthy either through bad teaching or peer pressure!
I want my kids to love learning, to love seeking knowledge, because without education, they have nothing"
Umm Khadeeja, UK
"There is no Muslim school option past grade 7, and the muslim school is second rated to homeschool.  We believe homeschool is the best option.".
Umm Ibrahim, Canada

What about you? Those of you who are home educating already....why do you home educate your children? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. please don't quit. this is a great source, mashAllah! keep it up!

  2. Thank you for this sharing. your posts really inspire me..

    from Umm Aisya, Malaysia

  3. Thank you for this sharing. your posts really inspire me..

    from Umm Aisya, Malaysia


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