My Wudu Reminder Poster

When I started teaching my eldest how to perform wudu, I found that although she knew what to do, she lacked confidence to know she was getting it right.
So I designed a fairly basic wudu reminder poster that we stuck up in the bathroom, serving as a gentle prompt if she started to worry she had the sequence wrong or had a mind-blank moment as to what comes next!
This saved me time... because it meant that I didn't have to stand over her every single time she needed to perform wudu. And it also helped to give her the confidence that she could complete it independently alhamdulillah.
I still check over her from time to time, to ensure she isn't skipping or skimping over sections, but alhamdulillah, I feel for us, having a reminder has certainly helped!
Based on our success, I have redesigned a more generic poster (our original was very basic) and is now available to download!
I recommend laminating the poster to keep it dry and clean in the bathroom! Ours has been stuck on the bathroom wall for several months and still looks as fresh as when we first put it up!
Get your free download HERE!
Please note: This poster does not explain the finer details of wudu, such as the method to rinse the mouth and nose, or how to separate the toes when washing etc. Rather, it has been designed to act as general guide or reminder, assuming that parents / teachers have already discussed and explained these important details

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  1. Asalamu alaikum, I love the poster, may Allah reward you for your efforts. My seven year old needs constant reminding of the order so this will help loads!!


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