Little book of Fractions workbook!

I'm playing around with the idea to not use a maths curriculum and instead mush a load of things together to make our own, I want to focus more on practical rather than feeling duty bound to school workbooks...I'm trialing this idea for the next couple of months and see how we go bi'ithnillah!
Thought I'd introduce fractions, so a very basic and simple workbook....
which can be downloaded inshallah here

I used a wooden fraction board and the Learning Resources fraction cubes to help explain and demonstrate fractions. To explain fractions as in groups, we grabbed whatever we had to hand, pencils and shells etc.

Didn't have a stapler to hand (broken!) so punched and used some ribbon instead!

20 shells which were divided into quarters. Asked simple questions such as, how many shells are in 1 quarter, 3 quarters etc. etc.

Told to put one quarter back, and say how many (as a fraction) are left.


  1. Assalaamu Alaikum sis, Jazzakillaah khayr for this. I will need this soon to use with Maimoonah. I thought you said khadeejah is doing well with Collins and that you liked it too. Ae you still continuing? On our side, so far MEP along with Neslon International Mathematics are going well alhamdulillaah. Just to share, when I was working I used to download videos from teachers to UK and they used to have nice practical ideas to teach Mathis concepts along with other subjects. I used o enjoy watching them, thinking of revisiting and seeing them again. If its beneficial for you please do take a look and inshaa Allaah.

  2. wa'alaikum asalaam sis,
    BarakAllahu feeki, Alhamdulillah the collins was going well, I just find it a little boring!
    I'm just woundering if with such young early math, using workbooks are so nessessary?
    I'm just experimenting lol I'm sure we will be back using the collins next term! lol

  3. JazakAllah khayr for the thumbs up on the you know where they can be downloaded from?

  4. wa iyyaki. I am unable to find the same link, not sure if that is still there. I have limited access on the laptop. What i meant was teachers tv uk. Try this link i have not tried the link ukhtee. When I do i will send you as well inshaa Allaah.

  5. Assalam alaykom sis, jazaki Allahu khairan !

  6. ah JazakAllah khayr Umm Maimoonah, I'll check it out inshallah!

  7. Wa'alaikum asakaam wa rahmatullah Maryamina
    alhamdulillah barakAllahu feeki

  8. Assalamu 'alaykum,
    Your lapbook was very useful for my son. He loved the whole book. Please do upload more as you keep making and May Allah bless you and your family.


  9. wa'alaikum asalaam wa rahmatullah,
    Alhamdulillah barakAllahu feeki!
    JazakAllah khayr for your feedback ukhtee.


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