Chocolate E'id Gift!

Want to find a one of a kind E'id Gift with that special touch? .....decorate some chocolate wrappers!
A cost effective way to give out nice gifts especial if you have 50 kids in the extended family!
All you need is a chocolate bar...whatever size, some pretty paper, ribbon and whatever else you fancy! Just remove the outer wrapper, keeping the inner foil, and make a new hand crafted wrap!

This afternoon the girls made some with their friends to give to their mums / Dads (pic on the right).
We used large punches for the shapes, and some self-adhesive diamonties....not a bad job for a bunch of 6 year olds (and a 4 year old!)....


  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these chocs they are your secret is safe with my ;) Sorry for saying too much the other day.

  2. lol your too funny sis. at least you know where to get your trade supply from! lol xxx

  3. I would never dream of stepping on another sisters toes! I'd end up eating my own stock all the time anyway lol. Those big choceur bars are good too, you could make a good mark up on them. X x

  4. lol dont be silly sis.
    speaking of choceur one today!


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