Noun Poster

I find that the more approaches we can use to learn or revise a concept, the easier it is for K to understand and retain information alhamdulillah, especially if something is a little more hands-on and visual.
Today we put together an A4 poster showing some noun examples, using the Montessori noun symbol above each word as revision.
Inshallah we will complete a poster for each of the grammar rules as we learn them and perhaps bind them together to form a booklet.

K decided to turn the poster into a spider diagram connecting lines to the centre title mashAllah! Its nice to see her developing her own work ta barakAllah.

A couple of days ago K also completed a couple of these noun worksheets available HERE!

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  1. Very nice Maashaa Allaah. We have completed our Grammar too for this year and Maimoonah had learnt with fun because of the Little Grammar readers and the workbook. Inshaa Allaah we will be making a grammar review chart beginning of next school year. So that she will remember Insha Allaah.


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