Ramadan calander chain

This is a quick, simple and fun activity I did with K earlier today - A paper chain, each chain representing one day of the month of Ramadan (total 30 chains).

K wrote the numbers 1 - 30 on each link (good number sequence and writing practice) whilst I stapled them together. Once completed, we tacked it to the wall, ready to remove one link each day inshallah.

By the end of Ramadan there will be no links left inshallah, and the kids know it will be E'id inshallah!

This is great as it helps K to understand the concept of a "month" and its duration, and also stops her bugging me every day asking "when is it E'id, when is it E'id?????" because she can count the remaining days herself inshallah!

A variation on this activity, is rather than having a complete 30 day chain at the beginning of Ramadan, instead start with 1 link, adding a new link to the chain each day, so that by the end of Ramadan you will have a decoration ready for E'id.

I prefer removing a link each day though rather than adding links to the chain, as I think it helps them to visualise how long the month is (as they have the 30 day chain as the beginning point).
I also like it as a small decoration marking the beginning of Ramadan as it helps the children get into the Ramadan mood inshallah, especially as they are so young.

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