life cycle of a butterfly

Today we completed our lesson on the life cycle of a butterfly. Yesterday we watched a couple of video clips on youtube showing the life of a butterfly from the egg.
Then we did a couple of worksheets, the first a simple colour-in sheet showing the life cycle, followed by a cut and stick - arranging each stage of the life of a butterfly in order and finally another cut and stick, cutting butterfly halves and matching them up (which also served as a 1st introduction into symmetry!).

Today, we made a large poster display to stick up on the wall, showing each stage from egg to butterfly. We made an egg out of a small piece of playdoh, a Caterpillar out of scrunched up tissue paper which we stuck down with pva, a cocoon with wool stuck with pva (the glue still has not dried almost 12 hours later!) and the butterfly with paint.

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