You are your child's role model for success

muslim parenting - you are the role model

You are the role model for success or failure. Sounds pretty intimidating.
But the fact is that we as a Muslim parent (regardless of whether or not we choose to home educate) are our children's role model.

The most important thing when it comes to Muslim parenting, is wanting to please Allah. To raise our children to know and act upon the reason they were created; to worship the One Who Created us Alone with no partner.

So it goes without saying, that we must show through our actions and words what this means to us in our own life.

If we want our children to know their Creator, then we must do too.
If we want them to love the Qur'an, to pray, to seek knowledge, to be generous, to be of good character; then we must embody that ourselves first fisabillAllah.

Make dua, ask Allah to help and guide you and your family. Always keep in mind your ultimate long term goal to please Allah and raise successful Muslims inshaAllah.

And to raise successful Muslim children, we need to do what it takes to find success with Allah our self first.

Afterall, we can't expect our children to "do as I say, but not as I do".

That never works, except for those whom Allah guides.

This is an advice to myself first and foremost, and then to you my dear sister.

Muslim parenting

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