Printable kids posters based upon usooluth thalaatha!

free printable kids poster based upon usooluth thalaatha

I designed these posters for Sunnah BookStore; to give away as a free download you can print at home bi'ithnillah!
There's no catch....just hop on over to the store's facebook page and pick up the download links in a choice of 5 colours inshaAllah (including black)!

They are designed to A4 size, so if you fiddle around with your printer settings you should be able to print them borderless.
To get the best result, please please please print onto photo paper! You don't need expensive stuff....I just buy from one of the pound-stores!
Using photo paper will give you a hugely improved print quality - you should end up with something that looks professional and shop bought inshaAllah! (really, it makes a huge difference compared to printing on regular copy paper)

Once printed, laminate or frame to put a bit of colour in the kids bedroom and help them to learn these important answers bi'ithnillah!

Here is our set up on the wall:
free printable kids poster based upon usooluth thalaatha

You can go straight to Sunnah BookStore's facebook post links by clicking on the high lighted text below, - you'll find all the links in the comments section bi'ithnillah.

free printable kids poster based upon usooluth thalaatha

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  1. Assalamualaikum . I really love your blog! Please continue your remarkable work.


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