Printable kids posters based upon usooluth thalaatha!

free printable kids poster based upon usooluth thalaatha

I designed these posters for Sunnah BookStore; to give away as a free download you can print at home bi'ithnillah!
There's no catch....just hop on over to the store's facebook page and pick up the download links in a choice of 5 colours inshaAllah (including black)!

They are designed to A4 size, so if you fiddle around with your printer settings you should be able to print them borderless.
To get the best result, please please please print onto photo paper! You don't need expensive stuff....I just buy from one of the pound-stores!
Using photo paper will give you a hugely improved print quality - you should end up with something that looks professional and shop bought inshaAllah! (really, it makes a huge difference compared to printing on regular copy paper)

Once printed, laminate or frame to put a bit of colour in the kids bedroom and help them to learn these important answers bi'ithnillah!

Here is our set up on the wall:
free printable kids poster based upon usooluth thalaatha

You can go straight to Sunnah BookStore's facebook post links by clicking on the high lighted text below, - you'll find all the links in the comments section bi'ithnillah.

free printable kids poster based upon usooluth thalaatha

Printable letter tracing workbook!

printable letter tracing worksheets

Helping your child to form letters correctly by teaching where each letter starts from takes a lot of repetition and practice;so don’t expect your child to get it right away or remember a week later!

The most important thing is that your child enjoys the writing process and his / her confidence not hindered by feeling its too difficult.
Here is a simple letter tracing workbook you can print at home; including a certificate of completion at the end!
To download, just click on the high lighted text below!

30 Hadeeth on Raising children!

30 Hadeeth on Raising Children - Advice for Parents and Educators
A beneficial 6 part audio series from Moosaa Richardson, discussing 30 ahadeeth on raising children; an advise for both parents and educators.

Raising our children is something which is such a huge responsibility; and this short series provides an insight into just how important it is that we take this role.

If you find it difficult to sit and listen to the daroos of the Ulema (Scholars) or talibul-ilm (students of knowledge), then try playing such audio lessons to listen to as you cook or do your household chores.

Listening to audios as you work makes your time far more beneficial and productive, as well as making daily tasks far more enjoyable.

You can find all 6 lessons over on the Troid website. (click on the highlighted text to be taken over there)

The rights of children in Islam....

Quote from the publisher's introduction regarding this book (available as a free online PDF):

Although small in size, this booklet presents the reader with a valuable discussion on some of the rights and privileges of children, which parents are obligated to fulfil. Indeed, it is not only the children who will be asked concerning their behaviour towards their parents on the Day of Judgement but also the parents will be asked concerning their children and how they raised them. Therefore, we must know the rights of our children and strive to fulfil our duties towards them so that they in turn may serve as righteous deeds for us and benefit us after we die.

The ebook is available over at, click on the link below to access it:

Home school class room Vs the kitchen table!

home school classroom

To have a home school class room, or to not have a home school class room? Which is best and does it even really matter?

Take a look on pinterest and you will find an array of beautiful homeschool classrooms....huge rooms with everything a teacher-mum and her kids would ever have a dedicated room like that you really would feel like a professional home schooler right!

But is it really necessary? If you don't have a home school room, does it make you less of a home-schooler?

When we started out home educating, we "home Schooled" around the kitchen table, with kids work up on the kitchen wall.
 About 18 months later, we turned a spare bedroom into a "class room" which I loved, because it was a place to store all the "school stuff" out of the way, although it sometimes seemed a bit of an effort to go in there; being segregated from the rest of the house, and would often end up bringing work to the kitchen table so we could school and cook dinner at the same time!
Go forward another 18 months, and the classroom is being dismantled as we need the space for something else, and I am in the middle of trying to find new homes around the house for all its contents we have built up over this short time subhanAllah.

home school classrooms
So does it make a difference having a class room? I don't think so. Sure, it is nice to have everything in one place, and if you are blessed to have an extra room then why not? But it really isn't essential. Having a classroom won't actually be the ticket to give you better educational matter what pinterest may make you think!

What is important, is nurturing the innate curiosity of your children, and giving them a space where they can be comfortable, happy and have access to everything they need to learn and be inspired....whether that be a dedicated school room or a seat at the kitchen table!

This can be done in so many ways, and every family is different. If you do a different search on pinterest, you can also find an array of different home schooling families utilising spaces in different ways; the famous kitchen table, the living room floor, desks in the bedrooms, unsuspecting cupboards intended to store plates and cups instead filled with papers and books - whatever space people have is what is used Alhamdulillah....and it all works fine!

At the end of the day, the place you are "schooling" in, is your home....albeit a temporary one; as we travel through this world like a stranger, working to put forward provisions for our permanent abode in the akhira.

So what is the simple answer to our class room question? Whatever works for you and your family's needs and requirements.

Just keep in mind, that material is not what is important and is not what will give you and your children true success. But what you do and how you use what you do have, is what will.
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