30 Hadeeth on Raising children!

30 Hadeeth on Raising Children - Advice for Parents and Educators
A beneficial 6 part audio series from Moosaa Richardson, discussing 30 ahadeeth on raising children; an advise for both parents and educators.

Raising our children is something which is such a huge responsibility; and this short series provides an insight into just how important it is that we take this role.

If you find it difficult to sit and listen to the daroos of the Ulema (Scholars) or talibul-ilm (students of knowledge), then try playing such audio lessons to listen to as you cook or do your household chores.

Listening to audios as you work makes your time far more beneficial and productive, as well as making daily tasks far more enjoyable.

You can find all 6 lessons over on the Troid website. (click on the highlighted text to be taken over there)

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