Upcycled girls t-Shirt dress!

upcycled girls t-shirt dress
Upcycling has become popular over recent years, as more and more of us are trying to become greener, budget wiser and have a little creative fun!

As my girls get older, I seem to find it more and more difficult to find clothing which is suitable, and so I figured I need to try making them myself!

I'm not the best sewer in the world.....the finishing's are what I tend to epically fail on.....things like getting a neat neckline and inserting zips, stuff like that....the important stuff which sets the final garment!

To get around this as I practice, I wondered if I could do something by upcycling....taking old clothes and altering  them to make a whole new garment!

I had a look on google and pinterest, and was inspired by this {dress tutorial} which takes a kids t-shirt and adds fabric to make a pretty little dress!

We had a rummage and found one of the kids t-shirts, and instead of buying material I used one of my old dresses that is never worn!
Bare in mind this was my first attempt at something like this so I didn't want to buy some new fabric before I had done a practice run!
Will definitely do some more inshaAllah......its way cheaper than buying something from the stores and quicker than making something completely from scratch, plus you have more choice on fabric and style that you like!

I'll post a complete tutorial when I make my next one with some prettier fabric from the market inshaAllah.....I think this could become quite addictive!

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