Shoe box marble game!

Take one ordinary shoe-box....and 15 minutes later its transformed into a marble throw game!

You can use these to make maths more fun too....adding the points together makes great addition practise without the drama!

You can make these as simple or as magnificent as you like.....whatever you do, the kids will enjoy the fun of it!

Kids often love seeing ordinary every day objects.....junk....revamped into something they can use. Its exciting! More exciting than a brand new toy from the shop...and lets face it, whether its a new toy or a transformed box the novelty will wear off after a day or so, so why spend all that money!

Use your imagination and encourage the children to use theirs! Give them a box and some craft materials and see what game they can come up with!.... Give siblings a box each so they can all design their own game then all play at the end! Trust me, they'll have fun, and you'll have a couple of hours to put your feet up with a nice cupper.....or catch up on the laundry!


  1. Maashaa Allaah, I love this idea.

  2. This is a great idea. Its amazing this things you can do with an old box! Thank you for the inspiration

  3. Got a few so boxes laying around so defo inshaAllah try this out. Shukran sis


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