Alphabet tracing sheets

alphabet tracing worksheet

If you are board of the same old alphabet tracing worksheets with ready made colouring in pictures beside each letter, then check out these oh so simple letter practicing sheets!

Simple straight to the point worksheets, that allow the child to think of their own image to match each letter!

You can either allow your child to draw their own image, or find some small objects and cut outs that can easily be pasted on! (when I say small objects....I means small...... a bit of string or a few sequins for the letter "s", a piece of dry pasta or a  magazine cut out of some pots for "p" etc!)

Click on the highlighted text to download the


New download links for the Juz Amma Workbook

Juz Amma printable workbook
Many readers have commented both here on the blog and over on the facebook page , that they have been having problems downloading the Juz Amma Workbook.

Alhamdulillah, we have uploaded to a new file hosting site with Google, which from the feedback we have so far had, seems to allow straight-forward download permissions inshaAllah.

Please refer back to the original blog post where you can find the new updated links bi'ithnillAllah.

Print at home your own Juz Amma workbook!

Some of you who receive notifications on our FaceBook page may remember some time back last year, we previewed a Juz Amma workbook we were working on.

That version was full colour however, as we started to see the pages adding and adding, we figured a 200page colour document to print at home probably wouldn't be the most appealing of choices given the cost of at-home printing, no matter how "attractive" it may be! So it was scraped and redesigned in black & white Alhamdulillah!

The new version allows you to select your own front cover with a choice of 4 colour designs! And its (black and white) contents include:-

Introduction page
Space to briefly explain what is tafseer and why it is important.
Track the completed suwar as you go through the workbook.
Copy out the translated meanings of each Surah from Juz Amma (plus Surah al-Fatiha)
The workbook includes 2 pages to write the explanation of each Surah already formatted into the file. However, if working with a younger child, then perhaps you will only want to print 1 page, likewise if your child is older or is more able, by all means print extra to allow a more detailed study.
A page to write beneficial points from each Surah to help implement its lessons in our own personal lives inshaAllah.
There are a number of beneficial resources which can help your study of Juz Amma inshaAllah, a few to mention:
Printing suggestion
This is a large workbook, so you may want to print on both sides - if so then I would recommend printing on good quality paper so that you will not see the printed ink on the reverse side. I started printing on cheap thin paper which just looked awful printing both sides, so we ended up printing single side only. (next time I will make sure to get better quality thicker paper inshaAllah!)
How to put the workbook together
You can decide how you want to hold the workbook together - you may want to use it as notebooking pages, punch holes in the side and store in a ring binder, or as we have done, take it to somewhere like Staples to get it spiral bound (unless of course you have your own binder Alhamdulillah!)
All that's left to do now, is give you the downloads inshaAllah! So check out which cover you prefer, and hit the download link inshaAllah! (I think for some counties, the download links don't seem to always work - if you have this problem please leave a comment below so I can try to fix it inshaAllah)
(Blue cover)
(multi colour)
(Green and blue)

Selected supplications from Hisnul Muslim to print at home for the kids!

Sheikh Muhammad ibn Salih al-Uthaimeen, states in his explanation of the Book of Duaa from Riyaadus Saliheen, that al-Hafiz An Nawawi said that "dua'" is a prayer or supplication that a believer makes to their Lord. Calling upon Allah, they pray in earnest, "Oh Lord or Oh my Lord" or something similar. They ask Allah, the Most High to fulfil their request or they ask Him to remove something undesirable from their lives.

Allah says in His kitaab:
ٱدۡعُواْ رَبَّكُمۡ تَضَرُّعً۬ا وَخُفۡيَةً‌ۚ إِنَّهُ ۥ لَا يُحِبُّ ٱلۡمُعۡتَدِينَ
Invoke your Lord with humility and in secret. He likes not the aggressors.
Surah al-A'raf 7:55
وَقَالَ رَبُّڪُمُ ٱدۡعُونِىٓ أَسۡتَجِبۡ لَكُمۡ
And your Lord said: Invoke Me (and ask Me for anything) I will respond to your (invocation).
Suraj al-Ghafir 40:60
وَإِذَا سَأَلَكَ عِبَادِى عَنِّى فَإِنِّى قَرِيبٌ‌ۖ أُجِيبُ دَعۡوَةَ ٱلدَّاعِ إِذَا دَعَانِ‌
And when My slaves ask you I am indeed near. I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls on Me.
Surah al-Baqarah 2:186
 There are a number of narrations from the Sunnah in which the Prophet  صلى الله عليه وسلم‎ has demonstrated and taught us various supplications to say at different times.
Most of us are familiar with the book Hisnul Muslim (Fortification of the Muslim) compiled by Saeed bin Ali bin Wahf al-Qahtani. In it we can easily find many of these supplications Alhamdulillah.
printable dua for kids from hisnul muslim
Many of us try to learn and teach our children supplications from the Sunnah due to the benefit they bring inshaAllah.
And so to encourage those of us and our our children who are still learning these supplications, I have put together some of the shorter and most used dua's onto decorative cards with an enlarged font to make it easy to read inshaAllah.
The purpose of this is to make it easier to read and memorise inshaAllah, and with a selection of 52 supplications (I think there may be one extra) in theory, one could be memorised a week, so that within a year, (at least) 52 will be committed to memory inshaAllah!
A couple of probably the most easiest ways in which the supplications can be memorised bi'ithnillAllah; 
  •  by repeating over and over until one has ingrained it upon the memory inshaAllah
  • By placing the cards in a suitable place where they can be read each time you walk past in the moment it should be read - and in this way they can be easily learnt quite naturally without much conscious effort inshaAllah. (for example, the dua' before entering the bathroom can be placed outside the bathroom and read each time one enters it. The supplication for when it rains can be placed besides a window. The supplication for when one wakes could be placed besides the bed, and so on.) Once the dua's have been memorised by the family inshaAllah, then take them down.
 Hisnul Muslim: download Pretty cards great for kids

The important thing to remember is, it is not simply a matter of memorising the supplications and then doing nothing with them. They should continue to be said daily at the appropriate times and places inshaAllah, so that they should flow off our tongues as naturally as we breathe bi'ithnillAllah!
Slow and steady wins the race right! Take one supplication at a time, and once it has been mastered, move onto the next.
Remember, Allah loves the small deeds which are done consistently, so do not belittle a slow progress if your intention is to please Allah.....progress is progress Alhamdulillah!

Selected supplications from Hisnul Muslim: Pretty cards great for kids!
Click to download your own set of {selected dua from Hisnul Muslim}.
I recommend printing 2 sheets to 1 A4 page so each card will be a little smaller than A5. The fonts are very large so its not necessary to print A4 size.
The cards can be used in different ways - either as laminated cards, or can be punched and made into a book.
If you put into an A5 ring binder, you can take out each card as you memorise and return once done inshaAllah.
Its entirely up to you how you want to present and use them!
I laminated ours and punched holes in the side. Temporarily we have put large key-ring thingies (I don't know what they are called!) through so it is a book. However, I want to get an A5 ring binder so that we can take out the card we are memorising as needed inshaAllah, rather than holding onto a chunky book.
 Click to download your own set of
For more information regarding the weak narrations contained in Hisnul Muslim, you can read this article from Moosa Richardson over on inshaAllah.

Also, check out this previous post with a downloadable book of supplications taken from the chapter of "Remembrance said in the morning and evening" from Hisnul Muslim.

Is this blog of benefit to you?

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

I've been away from the blog for a few weeks, and in that time I have done a lot of thinking.

I am considering whether to put an end to the blog. Before I make a decision, I wanted to ask if anyone out there who actually does read this blog, do you find any benefit to it?

 I do genuinely want to know, if anyone reading this actually does find use from my postings or not, or am I just writing away to myself?

If there are regular readers, I would appreciate you taking a moment of your time to leave a small comment and let me know if you do find any benefit / help / use from this blog?

I really don't know whether to close the doors on this, or to continue?

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