The Prophet's prayer described workbook from Islamic Bedtime Stories

the prophets prayer described workbook

Just a quick re-direction, over on the Islamic Bedtime Stories blog, our dear sister has produced and uploaded a printable workbook based upon the translated work of Shiekh al-Albani "The Prophet's prayer described".
So head on over to Islamic Bedtime Stories to find out more and download the Prophet's prayer described workbook!

The conditions, pillars and requirements of prayer lapbook printable

The conditions, pillars and requirements of prayer lapbook printable
We have been studying "An explanation of the conditions, pillars and requirements of prayer", an excellent book which helps give a depth of insight into salah, which I have found reading with my eldest child has helped to develop a greater connection and realisation of its importance beyond a series of actions and words.

Beautiful faceless dolls...

muslim dolls faceless

I don't know about you, but I struggle to find appropriate toys for my children. I purchased the material and stuffing to make my own rag dolls to give my girls as an E'id gift..... 3 years on, that material and stuffing still lays sat in the cupboard collecting dust, waiting for me to find the time (and energy!) to put a couple of dolls together!

Ramadan Reflections; the quick passing of time

Ramadan Reflections; the quick passing of time

The month of Ramadan has come and left us once again. It seems like only yesterday we were making our preparations for this blessed month and waking up at Sahur for our first fast.
It doesn't feel like 29 days have passed before us, it doesn't feel like we have fasted every one of those days or stood in prayer each night, SubhanAllah. How quickly this month has gone.

Keeping on top of home organisation...

tips to keeping on top of home organisation

Managing the home is something I have always personally struggled with.... from being a messy child myself; old habits die hard!
But no one wants to live in a messy environment. The home is a place of rest and a place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.
For myself, I struggle to do anything when everything at home is in a state of disorganised chaos.... and believe me, chaos is what I find too often for my liking!
But when everything is in its place, everything runs smoother, happier and a lot more productive Alhamdulillah.

So how can we get in control of managing the home when juggling all our other responsibilities and commitments? ....well, I am certainly no expert (my family will testify to that!) but I have picked up some tips and tricks which have certainly helped me a great deal, so I thought I'd share a few things which works for me (when I remember to do them that its!!!)....
Here are my 8 tips (8 is a random number I know....but 8 is what I have!)
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