Place value numbers 10-19....colouring fun!

Please raise your hand if you have a child who sees the number 14, but reads it as 41, or a 13 which comes out as 31, or a 19 which she will tell you is 91!
In my latest attempt to win this battle, I've put together a simple colouring activity, which (hopefully) demonstrates the place values for the tens and units, by inserting the manipulatives inside each digit

Multiplication fact folders...making memorising more colourful!

Free printable Multiplication fact folders.
We're ready to start memorising the multiplication facts for 1 to 10 inshallah. To make the task a little more interesting, we produced a folder for each times table group...

Arabic detached pronouns poster book

free Arabic detached personal pronouns poster book.
A simple poster booklet showing the Arabic detached pronouns.
I have avoided using the words "plural" and "dual" in the posters, instead choosing simpler language which will be clearer to younger children inshallah.

View it on your mobile or tablet device via Scribd to read as a digital book, or download and print at home to produce your own booklet, posters or flashcards.

Self belief: What voice does your child hear?

Self belief: What inner voice does you child hear?

Do you ever listen to your inner voice? Do you even notice its there? You are not sure? Tell me, do you have a self perception of capability and confidence, or a self perception of haphazardness and not good enough? Do you know you can rise to a challenge, or do you know you will fail so what's the point in even trying?
That's the silent whisper I am talking about. The silent self belief of who we are and what we can do, whether that be positive or negative.

Here is something a little deeper to think about. What is your child's inner voice? What is their self perception? What silent whisper do they have which is developing their awareness and belief of their own capabilities?
 Here is the frightening answer...

Its not working doesn't mean you are failing

Its okay to change your home school
In about 2 months time, I will have been "officially" home schooling for 5 years Alhamdulillah! I can still remember the very first day I sat with my eldest to "do school", absolutely clueless of what to do or where to start!
We sat at the kitchen table, deciding to make a giant poster to show the numbers up to that we would have something to show we had "done" something that day! ....we had to show we had done something, whether or not she could actually count right!?

Oh those days of naivety....I almost miss them! Like a tiny dry seed buried under the soil, not knowing when the rain will come, not knowing when it will start to grow.

Discovering right brain learning part 3: I'm starting over

Rediscovering home school
Okay, so over the past couple of posts I've been looking at how my understanding of how my children learn is evolving. I mentioned that although I always thought I was pretty intuitive to my children's learning styles, I'm coming to realise that I am not quite so open minded as I had myself believe!
I begun a research journey that took me through the possibility of dyslexia, through to the differences in how we use our brain having an effect on how we learn, and on from that, I have come to accept that I forgot what it means to be a home educator.
 And this is what I will share in todays post; how I am using what I have learnt and rediscovered about home education through this new understanding of learning differences inshaAllah.

Discovering right brain learning part 2: what is the difference between left and right brainers?

whats the difference between left and right brain learners?
Our brain is divided into 2 distinct halves. Each side being responsible for an array of different task which effect how our bodies move, how we think and feel and even how we learn.
The brain is criss-crossed to our body, with the right hemisphere controlling our body's left side, and the left hemisphere controlling the right.
So if you pick up your left hand to scratch your face; that's your right side of the brain working, and vice-versa.
Here, I want to look at how the different hemispheres effect the way we learn, to help understand how to better the way in which I'm facilitating my children's education inshaAllah.

Discovering right brain learning Part 1: Our story starts here

a mini series of blog posts exploring the differences between left and right brain  function and the impact that has on how children learn

This is the first in a series of posts about the learning differences between left and right-brained children (well and adults...we all have a brain!).
Most of us, so I am told, live in a "left brain world"....however, there are some who are in fact right-brainers.
But what does this exactly mean, and why am I writing about it?

School Planner 2015-16 for home-educaters and teachers!

free printable school planner 2015-16 for home educators and school / madressa teachers

Its that time of year again....Ramadan has passed, E'id celebrations ended, our batteries have been recharged and now we are ready to refocus, energised for another "school" year bi'ithnillah...that's got to be a good enough reason for a new planner right! (...and if you are not a home educator but instead a teacher in a school or madrassa, then I've included a separate downloadable file with a "My School Planner" front cover just for you!)

The Prophet's prayer described workbook from Islamic Bedtime Stories

the prophets prayer described workbook

Just a quick re-direction, over on the Islamic Bedtime Stories blog, our dear sister has produced and uploaded a printable workbook based upon the translated work of Shiekh al-Albani "The Prophet's prayer described".
So head on over to Islamic Bedtime Stories to find out more and download the Prophet's prayer described workbook!

The conditions, pillars and requirements of prayer lapbook printable

The conditions, pillars and requirements of prayer lapbook printable
We have been studying "An explanation of the conditions, pillars and requirements of prayer", an excellent book which helps give a depth of insight into salah, which I have found reading with my eldest child has helped to develop a greater connection and realisation of its importance beyond a series of actions and words.

Beautiful faceless dolls...

muslim dolls faceless

I don't know about you, but I struggle to find appropriate toys for my children. I purchased the material and stuffing to make my own rag dolls to give my girls as an E'id gift..... 3 years on, that material and stuffing still lays sat in the cupboard collecting dust, waiting for me to find the time (and energy!) to put a couple of dolls together!

Ramadan Reflections; the quick passing of time

Ramadan Reflections; the quick passing of time

The month of Ramadan has come and left us once again. It seems like only yesterday we were making our preparations for this blessed month and waking up at Sahur for our first fast.
It doesn't feel like 29 days have passed before us, it doesn't feel like we have fasted every one of those days or stood in prayer each night, SubhanAllah. How quickly this month has gone.

Keeping on top of home organisation...

tips to keeping on top of home organisation

Managing the home is something I have always personally struggled with.... from being a messy child myself; old habits die hard!
But no one wants to live in a messy environment. The home is a place of rest and a place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.
For myself, I struggle to do anything when everything at home is in a state of disorganised chaos.... and believe me, chaos is what I find too often for my liking!
But when everything is in its place, everything runs smoother, happier and a lot more productive Alhamdulillah.

So how can we get in control of managing the home when juggling all our other responsibilities and commitments? ....well, I am certainly no expert (my family will testify to that!) but I have picked up some tips and tricks which have certainly helped me a great deal, so I thought I'd share a few things which works for me (when I remember to do them that its!!!)....
Here are my 8 tips (8 is a random number I know....but 8 is what I have!)

Printable Qur'an organiser!

Printable Quran organiser free
My Qur'an Organiser is a simple resource to help keep revision and hifdh on track bi'ithnillah. There are 3 sections which comprise of:
  1. Virtues of the Qur'an - A place to record the many virtues of the Qur'an mentioned in the Qur'an and Sunnah. The purpose of which is to help develop some understanding of the blessings and favours of the Qur'an, in order to realise its importance and increase in love for learning it bi'ithnillah.
  2. My daily Qur'an Schedule - A place to detail one's daily review, new memorisation and reading. This is useful to help develop structure and routine.
  3. Tafseer and benefits - A place to write out the translated meaning of the ayat together with a short explanation of its meaning and benefits one can use.
It has been designed for use with a ring binder in mind so that you can just print as many sheets as and when needed, easily adding them to the binder. However, if you prefer, you can of course print a big batch of sheets and spiral bind together to make a note-book style organiser to use over perhaps a year. - Its entirely up to you.

Printable Ramadan board game!

printable ramadan game! familiy fun!

If you are looking for something the whole family can enjoy, try out the Ramadan Challenge printable board game!
A wholesome and fun game; packed full of Ramadan related questions mixed with some fun challenges that will keep everyone on their toes!

The game has been designed with younger players in mind, so its great for anyone learning about Ramadan or wanting to benefit from some reminders.

Ramadan Challenge: Printable board game!

Launching soon inshaAllah, Ramadan Challenge: a board game you can print at home! Learn about Ramadan whilst having simple family fun!

Designed over 4 A4 sheets which can be taped together to make one huge board ready to play! Players make their way around the board by picking cards which contain questions relating to Ramadan or fun activity challenges!

"In the morning I wake up and remember to say" printable poster!

Download and print at home!
To get professional printing results, print onto Photo paper (you can purchase cheaply from many pound stores) and on your printer settings, select "print borderless" to give you a finish right to the edge of the paper inshaAllah!
Laminate to make long lasting!

Phonics reader for Muslim children!

I've been wanting to make some non-fiction reading books for the children for a long time. My 6 year old is still developing her early reading skills, and so to give her an alternative to the typical phonics story books, I've quickly put together this Islamic reader as a little experiment!
If successful I'd like to make more inshaAllah!

The long vowel sounds used are all coloured red to help recognition and develop reading confidence!

Please do have a look and let me know what you think bi'ithnillah, your feedback and comments would be hugely appreciated!

The Sun and Moon letters printable worksheet

A simple worksheet to help children learn to identify and understand the difference between the sun and moon letters, in Arabic called  الْحُرُوفُ الشَّمْسِيَّة and اَلْحُرُوفُ الْقَمَرِيَّةُ.
the sun and moon letters printable worksheet
To print, just click on the high-lighted text below:

The (hadith) tale of the leper, the bald man and the blind man e-book for kids!

This is the hadith collected in Sahih al-Bukhari, in the Book of the stories of the Prophets #3464, presented in a "story" format for children to enjoy as an e-book.

It has been broken down into smaller readable chunks to help kids read and comprehend the tale inshaAllah.

The text remains in its original translated meaning with the exception of a few minor modifications which simply changed the pronouns used to the name of whom was speaking, to make it easier for children to follow.

You can view it over on Scribd which is great if you have any tablet device - just download their free app! I believe if you have a kindle-fire you can also download the scribd app to view.

To view on Scribd, click through the high-lighted text below.
{The tale of three Israelites, a leper, a bald man and a blind man e-book}
 However, if you prefer to have something more tangible, then you can also download it from google docs to print inshaAllah, just click on the high lighted text below.

Interacting with non-Muslim Parents (free) e-book

Interacting with non-Muslim parents (free) e-book
Many of us have family who are not Muslim, or family who are upon deviated paths to the true teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah upon the understanding of the Salaf-us-salih.

I see many of us in this situation, often giving up hope that our family members will ever accept Islam in truth; and this is something incorrect. Rather we should continue to put our trust in Allah, and know that it is Allah alone Who guides.

We are living in a time where Muslims are in the millions subhanAllah, and its easy to forget that the early Muslims indeed had non-Muslim relatives, including the Noble Prophet himself. And from them all is a great example for us to look to.

Allah commands us to be dutiful to our parents - regardless of whether they are Muslim or not, and to obey them in all matters except if they order us with disobedience to Allah.

This short e-book is only 10 pages long, but provides a good lesson for us to benefit from bi'ithnnillah.

It is available to read as a PDF file from as well as on Scribd.
(if you have a tablet device, I really recommend you head on over to Scribd and download the Scribd app, because it is a free e-reader similar to Kindle, allowing you to easily read e-books such as this easily Alhamdulillah.)

Interacting with non-Muslim Parents PDF file
Interacting with non-Muslim Parents Scribd (readable on PC as well as mobile devices)

Tell me about Islam, Iman and Ihsan; (free) childrens e-book!

The hadeeth of Jibreel free ebook for kids
Good reading material for our children is hard to come by! I have always enjoyed reading ahadith, and I want to encourage my children towards reading them too inshaAllah.
However, for younger readers, the ahadith are written in a much more formal language style than what they are typically accustomed to reading.
To help them comprehend a little better, I have broken down the translated meaning of the hadith of Jibreel into smaller readable chunks in the form of a short children's book, with some quiz questions at the end.

You can preview in the embedment below (to print click on download right at the bottom), or head on over to Scribd (its a free e-reader) where you can read it on any tablet or phone (including your pc) as an e-book and save your printer ink inshaAllah, just click on the high-lighted text below!

*If you don't have a scribd account to download, the Hadeeth of Jibreel PDF file can also be downloaded from google docs inshaAllah { here }

As a side note -available online via youtube are recordings of a series of audio lessons on the explanation of Imaam an-Nawawi's Forty Hadeeth, from the Works of Shaikh Muhammad al-'Uthaymeen & Shaikh Saalih Aal ash-Shaikh, translated By Abu 'Iyaad Amjad Rafiq.
Lesson 3 of these audios is the explanation of this particular hadith.

There is also an English translation of the book authored by Shaykh 'Abdul-Muhsin Ibn Hamad al-'Abbaad "Explanation of the hadith of Jibril"

The Conditions, Pillars and Requirements of Salaah craft poster

We've taken inspiration from the family over at Growing in the Deen who produce some lovely presentation work, to produce this poster based upon the conditions, pillars and requirements of Salaah.

I've had to use my phone to take the pictures for this post instead of the digital camera so they haven't come out all that clear.
(just to note: the digital camera is only used for capturing non-animate subjects!)

We are currently using the book An explanation of the conditions, pillars and requirements of prayer to study together the details of salaah.
It is an excellent book which includes the original text in Arabic and its English translation, as well as explanations from both Shiekh Muhammad Amaan bin 'Alee al-Jaamee and Shiekh 'Abdul-Muhsin bin Hamad al-'Abbaad.

Its the same book we used a couple of years ago to produce the Sharoot of Salaah dodecahedron.
We used various craft papers to produce this poster of 3 flowers, with each flower naming each of the conditions, pillars and requirements on their leaves.

The conditions of the salaah are 9; and these must be present before the salaah beings.
  1. Islam
  2. Sanity
  3. Reaching the age of Maturity (at-Tameez)
  4. uplifting ritual impurity
  5. Removal of filth (from 3 things: body, clothes and place of prayer)
  6. Covering the 'Awrah
  7. Arrival of the proper time
  8. Facing the Qiblah
  9. Intention

The pillars of the salaah are 14; and if any of these are left out whether it be intentionally or due to forgetfulness, then the prayer is not valid.
  1. Standing, if one has the ability to do so.#
  2. The Opening Takbir
  3. Reciting Surah al-Faatihah
  4. Bowing (ruku)
  5. Rising from bowing.
  6. Prostrating on all seven limbs (The forehead which includes the nose, both hands, knees and tip-toes of both feet.)
  7. Erecting oneself from it.
  8. Sitting between the two prostrations
  9. Remaining tranquil (not rushing) during all of these pillars
  10. Maintaining the sequential order.
  11. The final Tashahhud.
  12. Sitting for it.
  13. Sending salaat of the Prophet.
  14. The final two Tasleems.

 The Requirements of the salaah are 8; if any of the requirements are left out intentionally, then the prayer is invalid due to being abandoned, however if they are missed due to forgetfulness then the prayer is still valid but one must perform the extra prostrations for forgetfulness at the end of the prayer.
  1. All of the takbeers except the Opening Takbir
  2. Saying "Subhanna Rabee al-'Adheem" (Perfect is my Lord, the Most Great) while bowing.
  3. Saying "Sami'a Allahu liman hamidahu" )Allah hears the one who praises Him) - this applies to the one leading the prayer and the one praying alone.
  4. Saying "Rabbanaa wa lakal-hamd" (Our Lord to You belongs the Praise) - this applies to everyone.
  5. Saying "Subhaana Rabbee al-A'alaa" (Perfect is my Lord, the Most High) while prostrating.
  6. Saying "Rabb ighfir lee" (My Lord, forgive me) while sitting in between prostrations.
  7. The final Tashahhud
  8. Sitting for it.

15 tips for learning the Arabic language with your family

Arabic language learning tips

Learning the Arabic language is something which many of us dabble in....often on and off for a long time... with out a great deal of progress!

However, there are some who can and do learn very quickly what is different between them and us?

Is it that some people just naturally take to learning a new language more easily than others? Perhaps.
Or is there more to it?

After doing a little online research in an attempt to improve my own learning ability along with my children inshaAllah, I found there is a wealth of advice to learning new languages.
As I ploughed through website after website, many of the hints and tips were repeated, so here is a brief summary of what I found....

All the advises I mention below are general to learning any language, other than the first which is specific to Arabic.

Whats going on?

The blog has been deactivated for the past couple of days whilst we underwent some much needed blog maintenance and tidy-up! Alhamdulillah its back up and running now with a few little changes.

Firstly, if you take a look at the post labels, you'll see that the posts have been divided into categories to make it easier to browse and find things you are looking for bi'ithnillah.

Secondly, about a third of the blog posts have been removed, either because they are irrelevant, a poor quality (from blogging in the early days!) or having other issues warranting their removal.

A while ago a new blog ( was set up for all new Arabic posts, however, maintaining the blogs is difficult due to time constraints (hence my such infrequent blogging). Therefore, that blog will be shutting down and any new content moved back over here inshaAllah.

I've seen there are a lot of comments awaiting publishing - I will get to them as soon as I can and reply inshaAllah. Your comments and feedback is always appreciated.

Ibn Qayyim's advice on raising children...

Raising children is no easy task....its a learn on the job role for many of us! With hundreds if not thousands of phycology books available; each promising to teach hopeful parents the hidden secrets to raising successful kids!

While we may find some benefit to reading such books, we can find answers within the Qur'an and Sunnah; including further explanations from the Scholars of Ahlus Sunnah wa Jammat following the understanding of the Salaf as Salih.

Here is a link to an online posting of an advise from the Imam, Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah regarding the raising of children. {Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah Advice on raising children}
(please note: I don't know this website - but it is where I found this advise recorded)

Making, counting and expanding teen numbers - heart matching activity!

Making, counting and expanding teen mumbers - heart matching activity!
Its been a while since I have been regularly be honest time is short subhanAllah! The older the children become, the more I want to "fit in" both theirs and my own schedule bi'ithnillah, and there always seems to be more to do than what we really have time for! (you all know what I am talking about!)

I've been really trying to keep away from computer generated activities and printables, and instead encouraging the children to do more creative work of their own; thus saving me preparation time creating printables and also, allowing them to develop their own presentation techniques inshaAllah.

But if you are familiar with this know I can't totally keep away from the computer printables....its like an addiction I can't help it!

Currently I am working on teen numbers and place value with my 6 year old. To help her to understand the tens and ones principle, I quickly put together a heart puzzle to stick in her interactive maths notebook.

A series of hearts which are cut up into 3 different pieces, each piece showing how the number is "made" with tens and ones, the number in its standard form and its expanded form.
making, counting and expanding teen numbers, heart shaped activity ideal for math interactive notebook
The hearts are cut up ahead of the activity and mixed up.
making, counting and expanding teen numbers, heart shaped activity ideal for math interactive notebook
I asked my 6 year old to choose the picture piece first, and make it using the tens and ones beads.
making, counting and expanding teen numbers, heart shaped activity ideal for math interactive notebook
Then she matched up the expanded and standard forms of the number before sticking into her note book.
To download and print just click on the high-lighted text link below inshaAllah!
(Its a black and white file - so you can print onto any coloured paper you like or just do white!) review!

learn arabic .com review
Alhamdulillah I was granted an opportunity to try out the courses over at, and thought that some of you may find benefit in finding out a little more inshaAllah!

Due to ill health over the past couple of months I haven't used the site as much as I had wanted to; however, from what I have used; I feel that I would be prepared to spend money on using it in the future!

So lets start at the beginning and ask, what exactly is
As if you couldn't already tell from the name, its a specialist site designed to help learners acquire the basics in Arabic language as well as offering a superb separate online Tajweed course!

I know from my own experience as an adult learner of Arabic and the difficulties I faced, if I had access to this sort of resource, things would have likely been a lot easier for me in the beginning!

It has been designed so that both children and adults alike can learn inshaAllah - and if you are completely new to Arabic, there is no need to fret, because you will learn the alphabet and move on up from there inshaAllah!
Even those who already know the alphabet and can read, you will find benefit in these first lessons because they go over in detail the correct makhaarij (places of letter origin in pronunciation).

So how does it all work?
The site uses a variety of resources to help you learn - from extremely well presented video lessons, to quizzes and games to help you learn and develop your memory bi'ithnillah.

The video lessons I personally feel, are the best thing about this site, and most unique to it! They are beautifully designed with such simplicity, that they are easy to follow and comprehend Alhamdulillah.

The teacher uses the screen as his board (pictured screen shot below) when teaching, so it feels as though you are attending a live class with a real teacher in front of you.

I've tried a few different lessons to learning Arabic in the past, and by far, this is the most superior to what I have tried from both online and physical classes. I am a very visual person, so for me, if I had learnt in this way, I feel I would have found learning much easier wa Allahu Alam.
Its also great that you can stop and pause the class to write your notes or go back and replay sections you didn't quite understand first time round.
learn arabic .com review
The current lessons available, will take you from learning the alphabet, through to forming simple sentences, plurals and verb conjugation - which is a great start if you haven't learnt Arabic before.

However, if you have already reached that stage, and are looking to further progress your language understanding, you may find that you already know what the site currently is offering.

I believe new lessons are continuing to be added, and if they are able to go ahead and complete a full set of videos teaching all the language rulings to give full language comprehension, this would be a totally amazing and unique self-study course unlike any other!

So, if you are new to the language, I highly recommend the course, because it will give you a solid base from which you can continue to progress your Arabic studies inshaAllah. - its something which would be great to do as a family together with the kids!
(I strongly believe that if we truly want to learn the Arabic language, we must strive to learn it with our families and implement what we learn together inshaAllah)

Separate to the Arabic language classes, is a Tajweed course based upon the work of Shaykh, Doctor, Ali bin 'Abdir-Rahmaan al-Hudhayfee (Imaam of al-Masjid al-Nabawi, al-Madinah al-Nabawiyyah).
learn arabic .com tajweed review
Naturally, self-study does not take the place of learning in the presence an actual teacher, however, it is not always possible to find one. I know from my own past experience, when I begun practicing Islam maybe about 13 years ago, in a town where there were no Muslims other than us, that finding a teacher can be impossible!
I know there are many new Muslims, who for years do not learn how to read the Qur'an, mainly because of this difficulty in not being able to find a teacher - so something like this is extremely beneficial Alhamdulillah.
Also, for those who may have been reading the Qur'an since childhood Alhamdulillah, there is a great deal of benefit to these classes, which take you from firstly, being taught the virtues of the Qur'an and understanding the importance of Tajweed and its meaning through to perfecting your makhaarij and all the individual rulings.

Again, like the Arabic language course, this is simple and clear and I highly recommend it, whether you are a complete beginner or have been reading for years. It will help you to improve your understanding inshaAllah which in turn, will help you to perfect your recitation bi'ithnillah.

I have to say I have benefited greatly from these tajweed classes Alhamdulillah - I like the ability to pause to write my notes, and replay!
I haven't completed them all yet, so I will most likely be subscribing inshaAllah, and believe it is money well spent bi'ithnillah - I think it works out at around just £4 a month for a 6-month sign up, so it is affordable for most alhamdulillah.

It has to be said, as with any class or course you take, effort is required from you. You will only get out of a class what you are prepared to put in.
The benefit of online classes, is you can do them in your own time, and at your own pace; moving on when you are ready. You can pause the recording as often as you like to write your notes or go back and repeat what you didn't quite understand.

So, if you are interested and would like to find out more, please do check out!
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