Homeschool With Confidence Open's its doors again!


homeschool course for muslim mums

Are you looking for a beginners guide to help you prepare to start home educating or are you already in the homeschool trenches feeling stuck and in need of a reboot to help you fall back in love with it?

Homeschool With Confidence is a transformative 16-week course with a tribe of sisters, designed to provide you with guidance, support and mentorship all in the same place. Allowing you to focus on building a happy thriving homeschool you are confident, excited and passionate about bi'ithnillah.

It is perfect for mums in the early stages of homeschool, those preparing to start in the future as well as current home educators in need of a boot-camp reboot and motivation boost.

homeschool with confidence course for muslim mums


How would it feel to start building the homeschool of your dreams insha'Allah? One inspired by your own unique family; not mine or anyone else's; but yours.

How would it feel to crush the homeschool fears that hold you back?

How would it feel to beat the challenges that come your way?

How would it feel to wake up each morning with excitement about your homeschool day?

How would it feel to say goodbye to overwhelm and self doubt about your ability to successfully educate your family without school?

How would it feel to homeschool with confidence?

This 4-month programme is designed to take you on a journey to do just that, insha'Allah.

muslim homeschool

Beat Overwhelm and welcome confidence

Together with a community of like minded women, we will look up at the mountain of overwhelm and work through how to break it down step by step so that it is easy to climb and enjoyable too.  

You'll gain insight of what it takes to successfully take your homeschool vision and transform that into reality, insha'Allah, building the know-how to crush challenges that get in your way so nothing holds you back and your family can thrive!

Over sixteen weeks (that's just shy of four months!) I'll walk you through guiding principles to help you kick start your adventure or provide a reboot, so you can step into your homeschool with greater certainty in your ability to succeed insha'Allah, knowing what options are available to you. Because when you know what options you have, you have freedom.

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What this course gives you....

One of the most effective ways to master something new, is to find someone already doing what you want and use them as a mentor. Most of us don't have any experience of home education until we jump right into it. Figuring out what we "should" be doing can be pretty daunting. Having a mentor saves you time learning what has taken others years to discover and understand, as well as avoid some rookie mistakes!

Homeschool With Confidence will provide you with this dedicated mentorship together with support and a little gentle coaching.

This programme will provide you with everything you need to find your homeschool feet all in one place, in a way that serves your family, not mine. There isn't a standard one-size-fits-all approach and this is the beauty of home education that you will discover. 

You will benefit from a series of 16 carefully constructed live modules that will:

  • Boost homeschool motivation, addressing what homeschool is and more importantly what it is not.
  • Bust the common homeschool myths and misconceptions that hold people back and extended families often worry about.
  • Show you how to address your homeschool fears and beat them so they don't overpower you bi'ithnillah. 
  • Address the importance and impact of mindset in sustaining homeschool longevity.
  • Explore why deschooling is important for you as well as your child (because even if your children have not been to school, you have), and how to do it.
  • Introduce and explain popular homeschool methods and warn against that which is harmful to the Muslim.
  • Look at how we can adapt popular homeschool methods to suit the Muslim home.
  • Explain what Education Philosophies are and help you to write your own.
  • Guide you to uncover your homeschool why?
  • Show you how to build your homeschool routine that brings about consistency and ease
  • Explore popular strategies to homeschool organisation
  • Guide you through simple lesson planning principles (even if you hate to plan...I got you covered)
  • Show you how to create a homeschool space that invites curiosity and sparks interest - no matter the size of your home or budget
  • Uncover some simple strategies to run and manage your home like a pro alongside homeschool
  • Guide you to create your own homeschool map to meet the individual needs and goals of your family
  • Support you as a home educator

muslim homeschooling

16 live Master Classes for the Muslim mother

Each week offers a new Master Class that you can join live, or view the recorded replay any time more convenient to you. Whether you show up to the live class or catch the recordings later, you're always able to ask your questions and interact with fellow participants in our own private community space (which isn't Facebook, since I know many of you don't like to use it).

Week 1: Introducing Home Education

Our first week introduces the concept of home education, which is often confused for being school-at-home. Here we'll address what it is and perhaps more importantly, what it is not. Whether you are brand new to homeschool or have been in the game for a while, this first module helps to build a strong foundation for what your homeschool is going to be; your home. 

Week 2: Benefits Of Homeschool

In week two we'll uncover some of the benefits home education offers; exploring them in relation to academics, family, social, Islam and general homeschool perks. Knowing the merits educating without school brings will give you greater confidence in your ability to succeed, insha'Allah.

Week 3: Busting The Myths

Home education has many misconceptions. In this class we will bust the 9 most common homeschool myths that hold many people back from starting and families often worry about so that you won't be held back by these same stories.

Week 4: Deschooling Explained

It can be really difficult to shake off and break away from the school mindset when we have grown up in that system. To help you do this it is important to go through a deschooling process....even if your child has never been in school; because you have. In our fourth class together we'll walk you through deschooling your children if they have been in school, as well as perhaps more importantly, how to go about deschooling yourself.

Week 5: Facing Your Homeschool Fears

It is not uncommon to have anxieties around home educating your family. Fears can be helpful by keeping you on your toes, however, they shouldn't hold you back. In the Facing Your Homeschool Fears class, you'll take a look at the importance of mindset and beliefs. You will be invited to explore your worries around home educating, and learn how to crush them one by one insha'Allah.

Week 6: Homeschool Styles

Are you confused about homeschool methods and education philosophies? Are you wondering whether you have to follow a set method or can you freestyle it? In this class, we'll explore education beliefs (including yours) and introduce you to common homeschool styles of education: Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Unschooling, Unit Studies, Classical, Eclectic and warn the dangers of Waldorf for the Muslim family.

Week 7: Run Your Home Like A PRO

Before we delve into the inner workings of your homeschool, we'll address one of the biggest concerns mothers have; managing the home alongside educating. If we can get this right, everything else will be easy!
Whether you have a type-A personality that craves order, the inherent characteristics of a sloppy teen or something in between, we'll take a look at strategies to manage the home so that you can end overwhelm and spend more time doing the things that matter.

Week 8: Building Your Routine

Owning the day is what will help you build a homeschool for success, insha'Allah. In week 8 we will end the confusion around schedules and routines. You'll discover the difference between each and learn the easy way to build up your homeschool day in a sustainable way.

Week 9: Creating A Morning Basket

Morning basket, morning time and circle time are all used to mean the same thing; a period of time where the family comes together to start the day with read alouds, games and gentle learning activities. In this class we'll take a deep-dive to look at how you can start one in your home no matter the age of your children; from tots to teens.

Week 10: Organising Homeschool

I'll introduce you to three amazing tools you can use to help keep your homeschool ticking smoothly without guilt, pressure or stress!

Week 11: Planning part 1: Knowing Your Children

Knowing Your Children is the first of a two-part workshop on homeschool planning. This thing we call education is not something we just "do to" our children, rather it is something they are part of. They are at the centre of it all. I'll walk you through getting to really know your children so that you can utilise that information to address their needs and find meaningful learning opportunities unique to them.

Week 12: Planning part 2: Lessons

In the second of our planning modules, you will learn simple lesson planning tools to help you design your own lessons as well as discover what you can do to stay on track and feel in control if planning ahead really doesn't suit you (not everyone does plan ahead!).

Week 13: Inviting Learning

Learning happens when children are interested and engaged. We'll investigate the natural wonder of children and look at ways that encourage happiness and willingness to learn so that you can facilitate more of those opportunities in your homeschool adventure. 

Week 14: Creating Your Homeschool Space

It is not the size of your home or budget that matters when it comes to creating a homeschool space that invites children to discover, learn and create. In week 14, we will explore how you can build a home environment that is conducive to encouraging organic interest and learning with your family.

Week 15: Learning Toolkit

Learning experiences are not restricted to a lined exercise book. I want to show you fun, engaging methods you can use to bring everyday learning to life at home.

Week 16: Parting Advice and Q&A

In our final Masterclass, I'll share some homeschool insights that it usually takes mums years to learn together with my parting advice as you set forward into your new journey before ending with a final Q&A session.

If you've read enough and ready to sign up you can register >here< ......if you want to know more and take a peek at the course materials and fantastic bonuses, continue reading......

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Fantastic resources to empower your journey

This programme is designed to be an interactive experience so that you will get up and take action...because it is only with action that you will find the results you are seeking. 

To help you process each module and put it into practice, I have included transformational resources to help you get the best out of your experience....

Module Guides (PDF)

Each weekly master class comes with its very own guide, presenting detailed class notes (so you won't miss anything important) in both printable ink-friendly and full colour digital formats.

homeschool with confidence course guides

Workbook (PDF)

An easy to print workbook, designed to help you map your homeschool journey with ease, packed with guided prompts so you can build upon the insights gained through the course each week insha'Allah.

Most week's (not all) you will work through simple assignments intended to help you process each class and reflect upon what your homeschool needs. I encourage you to do these exercises and share with coursemates in our dedicated forum or virtual meets (although it is up to you if you want to complete the exercises and share or keep them private). You have to take action, and the workbooks will help you to do that, insha'Allah.

*Please note this will arrive to you as a PDF so you will need to print at home. It is designed to be printer-friendly so you don't need to worry about exhausting your ink cartridge! Alternatively, you can view the workbook digitally and follow the guided prompts in your own journal.

homeschool with confidence course workbook

Online Community Support

You're not alone outside of our classes. Throughout the 16 week programme, you will have access to a private online forum where you can ask questions any time between sessions or get support, as well as interact and create discussions with fellow participants.

The forum is not through Facebook since many of you don't use it, and also won't require you to download anything to use.

muslim homeschool forum

Virtual Tea & Chat Community Drop-in

To enhance community interaction, I will host four Virtual Tea & Chat sessions spread across the programme (approx once a month). Think of it like a Zoom coffee morning and a drop-in session. 

I introduced these sessions to the programme during the last cohort and found it was an amazing experience for those who were able to attend. 

It is an opportunity for our Homeschool With Confidence community to do the talking! Discuss benefits and insights from the past several classes together, share how you are applying that in your homeschool and troubleshoot any difficulties you are experiencing in real-time with me. 

These will be audio-only meetings (no camera required). It is not essential to join these meetings, but are offered to encourage comradery and support.

The dates for these virtual community Tea & Chats are (times to be confirmed according to the majority of participants availability):
  1. Sunday 13th June 
  2. Sunday 11th July 
  3. Sunday 15th August 
  4. Sunday 19th September
muslim homeschool course for muslim mums

4 Epic Bonuses

I am all about making sure you get massive value when working with me, and so you will get not one, not two, not three but four incredible bonuses.....

BONUS 1: Common Homeschool Questions Answered eBook

You don't need to wait until the course begins to start getting answers. As soon as you sign up you will have immediate access to my eBook that answers some of the most common questions around homeschool to provide you with a quick-look resource. More than answering questions, it also provides you with coaching questions to help you find the unique answers that are right for you.

common homeschool questions answered

BONUS 2: Homeschool Planner 2020/2021 PDF

During our Planning 101 (week's 11 and 12) I will show you how to plan homeschool with nothing more than an empty notebook. However, I get it, sometimes it makes life easier having something in front of you to fill in, and so as an added free bonus I am throwing in a printable Homeschool Planner to help you get started.

If you're curious at what's inside the homeschool planner, you can take a look here.

homeschool planner

BONUS 3: Creating Your Family Map Activity Guide & Video

Knowing your "homeschool why" is incredibly powerful. It is what will provide you with focus, direction and purpose. Having a clear why-statement will help you get back on track during the days you start to feel a little lost.

Creating Your Family Map is a set of four activities to do together with your family (although you can do it alone) to help you figure out your homeschool why. When you know your why, finding out the how-to of homeschool becomes easy. 

The interactive tasks in this guide will take you on a deep-dive journey of exploration to uncover what you believe matters in relation to academic learning, relationships, values and Islam; now and in the long term future so that you can carve a path to help you get there.

You'll receive a pdf guide as well as a video to help walk you through following the exercises and will be accessible as soon as you sign up!

writing your mission statement muslim homeschool

BONUS 4: Telegram Community Group

Even after our 16 weeks together, you won't be alone. I'm not going to bid you farewell and send you on your way. You will be invited to join our private Telegram group so you can continue to access and benefit from mutual group support in our very own homeschooling community.

Muslim homeschool telegram

Who is this course for?

  • Mums who have been home educating a while and are feeling stuck or overwhelmed and would benefit from a reboot, guidance and extra support.
  • Mums and mums to be who are seeking to find out about home education and prepare ready before their children are old enough to start
  • Brand new homeschool Mums 
  • Homeschool Mums in the early stages of homeschool who are still finding their feet and would like some guidance
  • Mums who have children already in school and would like to homeschool
Homeschool with confidence review

When, where and how much?

Live classes are Thursday's 7pm UK (London) time. Convert your local time {here}.

We begin Thursday 3rd June 2021, and every Thursday until September 16th.

If your schedule doesn't fit neatly with mine, class recordings will also be available shortly after each live session, so you can view at any time most convenient to you. (Remember you can still interact with me and other participants in the community forum)

Live classes are held on Zoom (replays don't require Zoom). I'll send you instructions on how to download and use Zoom, so don't worry if you're not already familiar with it. It's super easy to use. 

If you're in a country that blocks Zoom I have alternative provisions so you can attend live. Please contact me if you require this. 

Will I receive printed materials?
All the course materials are PDFs that can be viewed digitally or printed for your own use.

How much does it cost?


That works out to only £10 a week and is inclusive of all the materials and support you receive, not to mention the added bonuses!

Can I pay in instalments?

You can pay the workshop fee in full, or alternately you can make three equal monthly instalments of £53.33 

Can men join or listen in?

This is strictly a women-only course. It is important that you are able to view the Master Class presentations where no men can hear, or to instead use headphones.

You are welcome to share the class notes and text material with your husband to aid your discussion, however, he can not listen to the class audios. When you register you will be asked to confirm you are female and no men will be present. 

Homeschool with confidence testimonial

Who is teaching this programme?

I am Umm Khadeeja, owner of where I've been writing articles, sharing resources and supporting fellow home educating mums for over a decade!

Alhamdulillah, my family is in our 11th official homeschool year -something I would never have believed all those years ago before we embarked on this exciting journey. 

We started when my eldest (who is now preparing for her GCSEs this summer) was four years old. It has been an action-packed eleven years and alhamdulillah, and we are still going!

I'll tell you I've made the mistakes and experienced the fog that blinds you. I've faced the hardships and difficulties as well as the celebrations and wins. It is through these personal experiences along with a decade of working to support our Muslim home educating community, that I can help you insha'Allah.

To enhance my ability to help coach and mentor you, I am currently studying a Diploma in Personal Performance, as well as a Diploma in Education, investing almost £6000 in my own training to make sure I am more than just another homeschool mum giving away her secrets. I want to support you in being the best you can be in a way that is right for your family, not mine. 

I am passionate about home education and I want to show you how you can be too. This course has been a labour of love in its creation. I'm dedicated to ensuring you get the information, support and guidance you need. It is my mission to provide value with the support and guidance you need so you and your family really can thrive insha'Allah. 

By the end of the programme, you will be empowered by your decision to educate your family without school, because you'll know the options you have and a clear direction for where you want to go.

Muslim Homeschool course for mums

Are you READY to build the homeschool of YOUR dreams? - SIGN UP

If you're ready to:

  • beat the fears that hold you back
  • crush overwhelm 
  • say goodbye to self-doubt
  • avoid the setbacks of making rookie mistakes
  • find your homeschool confidence

...then please join me for four months of mentorship and guidance. Working together, we'll help you build the homeschool of your dreams insha'Allah. Not my version of an ideal homeschool or anyone else's....yours. 

This is THE programme to equip you to homeschool with confidence insha'Allah! Sixteen weeks of dedicated information, guidance, interactive activity and support -designed to help you play full out in your homeschool, overcome challenges and thrive!

Even after the end of the course, you'll still have access to support in our private Telegram community, so I won't be leaving you all alone once we're done here. One of the most valuable assets to any home educating mum is community and comradery. A tribe of fellow home educators to help thrash out problems and offer advice from perspectives you may not have thought to consider, so you can continue to develop and grow. 

I'm ready to welcome you on board! Click below to enrol and I'll see you soon.....

Preparing Your Parenting For Ramadan Workshop

Parenting in Ramadan workshop
We often approach Ramadan having high aspirations of what we'll achieve with our family during this time; excited to share our anticipation before welcoming the sighting of the new moon. 
It isn't long however before reality hits us when overwhelm, burnout and frustration show up, as we face the challenges that come with parenting and educating children while fasting. And that's when feelings of guilt, shame, and inadequacy rain down upon our shoulders, thinking we've taken on more than we could chew.

I often hear from mothers who feel inadequate because they find it difficult to manage their frustration and patience. They find it difficult to maintain energy while fasting. They find it difficult keeping up momentum and motivation. They have high aspirations, wanting to achieve amazing things with their family, and beat themselves up when feeling they fall short. 

We don't often talk about the everyday struggles of parenting during Ramadan because we focus on its benefits. And because we don't talk about the struggles, it leaves many of us with those feelings of inadequacy when we feel we don't live up to what we hoped we would, thinking no one else shares the same difficulties we face. 

What I want to do through this workshop, is share with you how you can prepare yourself to manage the everyday parenting and educating of your children through Ramadan, insha’Allah. To help you discover what is important for you and your family so you can focus on those things. And to give you some simple strategies to help when you feel overwhelm and fatigue creeping in and prodding at your patience. 

Interactive Workshop 

Being a parent is the most rewarding as well as the most important job you'll ever do in your life. It is also the most challenging. In this interactive 2 hour workshop, you will receive practical steps to aid your parenting confidence so you can prepare to make this Ramadan a productive and enjoyable experience with your children.

Together, we will explore through mentorship and a little coaching:
  • What really matters to you 
  • What really matters for your  family
  • Uncover what you want to walk away from Ramadan with, insha'Allah 
  • Discover the mother you want to be so you can show up as that
  • Prepare a battleplan to overcome challenges and struggles
  • How to manage your expectations
  • Adapting routines 
  • Learn to take control of your emotions and reactions 
  • Learn to manage the stress that brings frustration and impatience along with the triggers that cause them
  • Finding motivation
  • Keeping children busy
  • Create your action plan

By the end of this workshop you will insha'Allah...
  • Be clear on your Ramadan vision for yourself and family
  • Develop your confidence as a mother
  • Have an action plan to overcome whatever struggles you may face
  • Have a strategy to manage your emotions and maintain a positive state of proactiveness, instead of reactiveness
  • Be your child's best supporter and ally through Ramadan
Ramadan homeschool

You will receive:

  • Live workshop
    A 2-hour live session
  • Recorded replay
    The replay will be available within an hour of the live workshop ending, insha'Allah. Zoom is not required for this.
  • Workbook PDF
    To benefit from the workshop, you have to take action. The workbook will help you do that, offering guidance together with some coaching exercises to put everything into practice, insha'Allah. It also provides detailed class notes so you don't have to worry about missing anything important during our time together.
  • Temporary Community Facebook group 
    They say it takes a village to raise a child. This temporary group will be that village for you to offer a little added support and motivation when you need it.
    If after attending the workshop you run into difficulties, you can jump into our members-only group to get help troubleshooting your challenge and benefit from responses offered to others seeking help for theirs too. It will offer community so you know you're not alone and certainly I will be there to be your biggest cheerleader and offer guidance if it is needed. 
    It will be open from April 5th 2021, until E'id ul Fitr.

Parenting workshop for muslim mums

I have some questions

When is the workshop?
Wednesday 7th April 10:30 am BST (UK time) and the recorded replay available shortly after

Where is the workshop?
The live session is on Zoom. The recorded replay will be viewed in our own private members-only portal. 

What is the workshop fee?
The cost is just £20 inclusive of the workbook material and after-support care on Facebook. 

Can men join?
The workshop is strictly for women only. By signing up you confirm that you are female and will attend the workshop (whether live or recorded) where men can not hear, or to use headphones.

I don't have Facebook
You won't need Facebook to attend the workshop or access the materials. However, if you would like to benefit from the temporary after-workshop community support offered, you will require a Facebook account so you might want to consider opening an account solely for the purpose of accessing this. 

Can I share my workshop access?
Tickets are for one participant only. It is not permitted to share or sell your access or materials with others.

Will I receive any physical materials?
You will not receive any physical products. The workbook is a PDF and the workshop replay is streamed digitally online. 

I don't homeschool, will I benefit from this workshop?
Yes! The main theme to the workshop is setting up mums to feel in control and manage all the emotions that come with having children home. I won't be able to help with school-specific problems (this is beyond the area of my expertise) but certainly, supporting you with the everyday challenges of raising children once they are back home is where you will benefit. If you want help with that, along with preparing to keep children distracted and busy outside of school, this workshop will do that for you, insha'Allah. 

Are you teaching Islam in this workshop?
I am not a student of knowledge so I will not be teaching about Ramadan as a topic Rather, the workshop is around preparing you as a mother for the practical aspects of parenting children and managing your emotions and energy during this time.

I'm ready! Sign me up!

To jump in with a tribe of like-minded women ready to uncover what your homeschool needs to make this Ramadan a productive and enjoyable experience >>sign up on the workshop page here<<

Please remember to save the email and password you use to join as you will need to enter the portal to access the workshop links and materials. 

See you on the inside!
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