Kids Eid gifts on a budget

Finding a "budget" gift does not have to be valueless, rather the simple things are often the most precious. I'm pretty sure everyone will agree, gifts always mean more when they have been given with a lot of thought and love!

Now we are well into the last 10 days of Ramadan, and E'id is vast approaching, its nice to give small gifts to family and friends, however if your children have like 10 friends each.....don't panic! Gift shopping doesn't need to cut holes in your pockets!

Use your imagination, and make something personal, like these personalised pens! Take a budget packet of £1 pens (these are from Asda) and transform them into something pretty that your kids and their friends will love!

This is such a simple idea, but has such a great impact!
Get round the kitchen table with the kiddos and let them get involved making gifts for their pals!

I've used craft punches here for the scalloped edge, but they are not necessary, it would be just as effective to cut out a basic circle instead and still pull off the same look.

All you need to get started is...

A packet of budget pens, felt tip or pencils!
I do advise though, be wary of pound store packs if buying felt tips as they don't tend to last. These were just a £1 from Asda.
Craft punches if you have them....(and if not just use scissors to cut out a shape), double sided tape, thick card and sticky back foam. These come I think as a pack of 10 A4 sheets from certain pound stores.
Punch out the card to make the backing frame for your name.
Like I said, if you don't have a punch, just cut out a, square, heart, whatever you like!
Measure the front label on the packet and cut the same size using the sticky foam.
Lay the foam on top of the label to cover, before adding the frame centrally with the double sided tape.
Print off names on the computer and lay in the centre of your frame!
That's it! Easy peezy lemon squeezey!

Blog re-launch: A Muslim Home-School

Recently I have experienced some technical difficulties with the domain name. Earlier in the week I reverted the blog back to the original blogger address.

However I am now pleased to announce a new official re-launch of the blog!
Diary of a Muslim Home School will now be known as A Muslim Home school, reflecting the current direction of the blog!

What started out as a personal account of the experiences of a home educator,  over the 2 years the blog has been running, it has slowly altered its course and steered towards sharing educational resources and articles relating to the Muslim child and education.
Much of the original personalised content has since been removed.

I thank you for your support and kindly request you update your favourites bookmark settings and any web links.
I welcome feedback and suggestions regarding downloads and future projects!

I ask Allah to make this endeavour a source of benefit to all, and for it to be a means of good on my scales of account.
May Allah guide us and guide our children upon the siratul mustaqeem!

Umm Khadeeja

Ramadan Goal Planner!

Do you mentally have goals for what you would like to achieve each Ramadan, but don't always manage to fulfil them? Maybe you get side tracked, maybe you can never find the right time to fit your goals in, maybe you just don't know what you should do!

Writing out a rough plan won't guarantee you will act upon it, however, by putting your thoughts onto paper, it may help you to organise and plan out your day so that you can comfortably find a suitable time to action your Ramadan goals inshaAllah, whether that is reading Qur'an, dhikr, charitable deeds....whatever it is you want to achieve this Ramadan!

Think about what your daily schedule looks like during the week, we all have commitments that can not be ignored or neglected. So pen down those things first.
Maybe every Monday evening you have a class, every Friday afternoon you look after your sisters children......write these commitments down. By doing so you will have a better idea of where you can find undistracted free time to action your Ramadan goals.

Now, once you have all your regular commitments down, think about your goals, and when the best time will be to act on them inshaAllah. If you know the house is quiet straight after Fajr and you will have no distractions, maybe that is the best time to spend time with the Qur'an, or maybe you would find it easier in the evening after the kids have gone to bed until Maghrib comes.

You know your schedule, so think about what will be realistic for you. Ramadan is a month which we all want to achieve the best we can for the Pleasure of our Creator. A little forward planning can help you to go along way inshaAllah!

Download your Ramadan Goal Planner Free Here!
If you have problems with the above link, try this one!

Ramadan Meal Planner 2013

To help save time during Ramadan, try using these Ramadan meal planners to map out your Suhoor and Iftar!
There are 4 sheets in total, each with a different hadeeth to remind you of this month as you plan! As Ramadan begins of Wednesday, the planner has been designed to begin on Wednesday.
Week 1 download here
Week 2 download here
Week 3 download here
Week 4 download here

Ramadan note booking pages

To help your child's study of Ramadan, try out these Ramadan note-booking pages, with free download Alhamdulillah!!!
Download this 20 page Ramadan note-booking set Free here!

Shuroot of Salaah flip poster

Teaching our children salaah is one the most fundamental basics we as parents must pass on. But are we aware of what conditions we must meet before we even begin our salaah in order for it to be accepted? Are we aware of the pillars and requirements during the salaah, the absence of which leaves the salaah null and void?

An excellent book to read is An explanation of the conditions, pillars and requirements of prayer, by Shiekh Muhammad bin 'Abdil-Wahhaab, explained by Sheikh Muhammad Amaan al-Jaamee and Shiekj 'Abdul-Muhson al-'Abbaad.

This is an excellent book to go through together with our children inshaAllah.

The opening of the treaties begins with the 9 shuroot (conditions) of the salaah. To help relay this to my children, we discussed briefly these conditions, before completing a flip-poster sheet to stick into an excersise book.
The flap-up poster file can be downloaded inshaAllah free HERE

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