Mums Unstuck membership

 Mums Unstuck membership for Muslim mums

I am beyond excited to share with you the doors to Mums Unstuck are finally open Alhamdulillah! 

 If you've been following me around on social media over the past few weeks you'll already know what this is all about. For those who haven't yet heard, let me fill you in.

Mums Unstuck is the first of its kind parenting membership subscription like no other! It's for Muslim mums who want to take their parenting skills and personal growth to the next level, insha'Allah. 

They say it takes a village to raise a child...well I say it takes said village to support that mum in raising both her child and herself! Mums Unstuck will be that village for us all, bi'ithnillah. 

Every month we're going to dive in deep to the issues that are going to help you raise your parenting game and feel confident about yourself as a mother insha'Allah.

We'll explore topics you might expect from a parenting membership such as confident parenting, boosting connections, overcoming tantrums, handling sibling rivalry and positive discipline. And more that you might not expect, such as how to coach teens through exams or how to encourage your children to adopt a growth mindset and reach their best potential, bi'ithnillah. 

Mums Unstuck Is As Much About YOU As It Is Your Parenting

This is a membership that offers so much more than just parent skill development. It is a monthly journey to unravel the relationship you have with yourself and your own goals and aspirations beyond motherhood.

I hear from mums all the time who feel stuck. They want more for themselves and their children but are not sure what to do. They wouldn't change being a mother for anything, but somewhere along the way have got a little lost and forgotten who they are. 

Mums Unstuck is for Muslim women who want to develop their parenting skills and know-how alongside doing the inner work on their own growth outside of being a mum. It is a parenting membership that understands how you feel about yourself as an individual massively impacts how you parent because when you grow, your children grow too. 

You see it doesn't matter how many amazing things you and your children do and it doesn't matter how many great parenting strategies you might use, because if you don't feel good about yourself, you simply won't see any of it. You will see the molehill issues and turn them into gigantic mountains that paralyse you. 

When you feel good about yourself, you walk different, your talk different, you PARENT different. And it is this difference that impacts your ability to be the amazing mother and role model you want to be. 

A major part of Mums Unstuck is this journey of self-discovery, helping you through coaching to uncover your own identity, goals and aspirations outside of your parenting role, because you are more than "just" a mum. You are a servant of Allah, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a sibling and so much more. 

parenting membership for muslim mums

Every Month Brings Something New

Every month offers new content dropped into the member's area every Sunday, insha'Allah....

1st Sunday: Personal Growth

The first week of the month is all about developing the relationship with yourself, using reflective coaching to undergo a personal journey of growth and transformation to raise or reparent the incredible Muslimah you are...because you are more than only mum.

2nd Sunday: Education

The second week of the month is the main event -our live parenting workshop, helping you to build the relationships with your children. We'll cover a different topic every month looking at positive discipline, engaging children in their learning, managing emotions, building confidence, resiliency and mindset and so much more.
Each month you'll add new skills and discoveries to your parent and educator toolkit, providing you with coaching tools to help you implement key learnings with your family, insha'Allah.

3rd Sunday: Momentum

The third week we go back again to focus on your personal growth and transformation because how you feel about yourself massively impacts how you show up as a parent. When you feel confident, inspired and motivated, your enthusiasm for life is contagious and picked up by your children Allahumma barik. 

4th Sunday: Community

They say it takes a village to raise a my experience, mum needs that village to stay sane! The Mums Unnstuck community will be that village for us all. The final week of the month is about connecting with community through an online mums meetup, bringing the village together to share benefits, offer mutual support, unpack the month's learnings together and discuss hot topics that matter to you. 

5th Sunday: Bonus

Where there is a 5th Sunday, that's bonus week! An extra resource will be gifted in the member's area....exciting!

personal growth for muslim mums

Want To Know What You'll Get With Your Mums Unstuck Subscription Each Month?

✓ 1 new live parenting workshop (plus replay)

✓1 new workbook (pdf) 

✓1 online live community mums meetup (with a choice of 2 time options to facilitate different time zones and your commitments)

✓Bi-monthly reflective coaching to enhance your personal development and growth

✓ Ready to use parenting toolkit library

Mums Unstuck Is For Mums Who.....

Who are looking for parent support, connection, transformation, inspiration and community!

Who are tired of battling with tantrums from toddlers to teens!

Who want to build a loving Muslim home full of love, connection and harmony but constantly feel overwhelmed and stressed with the everyday parenting challenges

Who want to learn how to positively discipline your children without punitive punishments and fear!

Who want to learn how to support their children to reach their best potential and live a life that is based on the values you hold dear!

Who want to refind themselves and their own passions, goals and aspirations as an individual woman who isn't "just" mum

Who want to connect with other mums in a community who offers support and encouragement to help you grow

Ready to find out more and sign up?

When you're ready to find out more and sign up, head over to the Mums Unstuck website here. I look forward to welcoming you if you decide to jump in with us, insha'Allah.

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