What Is Home Education?

What is home education?

Home education can be described as the parents' decision to take on the responsibility for the education of their children instead of handing that responsibility over to a school (although it should be noted that even in sending our children to school, it is still the parents who are ultimately responsible for the education received -not everyone always realises this).

Contrary to popular belief, this does not mean that homeschool is to study the same material as schools do but at home. Nor is home education limited to learning in the home in the same way that school is restricted to learning within the school. 

What often comes to mind when people think of homeschoolers, are families sitting around the kitchen table ploughing through dull textbooks, trapped inside all day with no one to talk to. What they imagine is an awful and isolated version of school that no one wants to be a part of, but instead, inside the home. 

The truth could not be further from this poorly imagined narrative. 

While some families certainly do follow school-style curriculum at home, home educators are in fact free to educate according to the needs of their child and this can be done in many different ways...with or without a workbook...and beyond the four walls of a house.

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