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We've undergone a another virtual face-lift!

Over the past 3 years since the blog started, we have gone through many changes as it has grown and taken on new directions!

We are constantly trying to improve and put out there resources and information which will be of benefit to the Muslim community inshaAllah, whether our readers are parents, homeschoolers or teachers!

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All Praise is certainly to Allah, and all good is indeed from Him!
May Allah guide us all upon the siratul mustaqeem!

Ramadan Journal

Every year we look fondly ahead to the approaching month of Ramadan! A month to come closer to our Rab! A month to reflect and ponder upon the Qur’an! A month of increasing good deeds! A month of forgiveness!
We delight in the blessings and bounty this month offers, and with great eagerness we begin each Ramadan wanting it to be more fulfilling than the last! But despite our initial excitement and good intentions, how many of us fall short of what we hoped to achieve? How many of us complete the month, regretting we did not do more, or fail to continue the high momentum after the month has ended?
The purpose of this journal is to aid our connection with this month bi’ithnilllah. To help us recognise and throw away the excuses which have held us back in previous years, so that we can reach and appreciate the true benefits of this approaching Ramadan, inshallah. 

Packed with reminders from the Qur’an and hadith, as well as advices from the Scholars taken from reputable online sources, carefully put together with activities to help you to
plan your goals and prepare to defeat your excuses inshallah!

You will find the Journal divided into three sections:
Part 1: Ramadan Preparation
To be completed before Ramadan begins.

                     Part 2: Ramadan Journal                    
To be completed during Ramadan.

Part 3: After Ramadan
To be completed after Ramadan.

To get a full preview or to download this Free Planner all you need to do is click the highlighted text-link below!
{ Ramadan Journal }

A little sneak preview (to preview in full click the high-lighted link above!)......

Ramadan Journal
Ramadan Journal
Ramadan Journal
Ramadan Journal
Ramadan Journal planner
Ramadan Journal planner

Ramadan Journal planner
Ramadan Journal planner
Ramadan Journal planner
Ramadan Journal planner
To download this Free Planner all you need to do is click the highlighted text-link below!

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Madina Arabic vocab tool!

madina arabic vocab
learn Madina Arabic Vocab Free online tool!
If you are going through the Madina Arabic course, whether with a teacher or through self-study, the biggest challenge is learning the vocab!

You can do it the old fashioned way and make your own flash-cards or you can try out the many free online tools designed to help you memorise words and facts bi'ithnillah!

The particular online tool I am introducing you to today, I have found to be a great learning aid Alhamdulillah in my Arabic studies and the best thing is it is absolutely free to use!

So what exactly is it?
Its a website called Memrise.com and as the name suggests, its a memory aid tool which can be accessed online or by downloading the ipad app.

Its a very nicely designed site and works on a seed to flower concept ....each word starts as a "seed", as you learn the word you "plant it", as you revise you "water" and once learnt, its a "flower".

Now, let me explain how it can help you learn the Madina Arabic vocab inshaAllah....

First of all, you will have to go to the Madina Arabic course on Memorise. { click here }

You will see a series of levels with an image of a little flower in grey - once you complete a level the flower is coloured.
madina arabic vocab
 You will go into each level and see the vocab list for that lesson. Just click on "start planting" to start learning the vocab!
madina arabic vocab
You will be shown the Arabic word and its meaning, for which you can choose an image or text that you can associate with that word to help you remember it inshaAllah.

madina arabic vocab

 The program will then keep showing you each word and asking you to either write or match the meaning with the Arabic. If you keep getting it incorrect, it will continue to bring up that particular word until you have got it!
madina arabic vocab
madina arabic vocab
Once you have locked the vocab into your memory inshaAllah, the program will at regular intervals of hours, days, weeks or months bring  up "old vocab" to ensure you haven't forgotten it inshaAllah, and if you make a mistake, then it will automatically bring it back to revise to return it back to your memory bi'ithnillah!
So if you want to check it out for yourself, click the link { here }

 Warning: I do not advise you to allow your children to use this without supervision as when selecting an image, the tool brings up all images found on the web (which if not carefully searched could potentially show inappropriate images - it works in the same way as searching for images via google images: you type the search word, and it will bring up related content)
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