Quick lunch.....pitta-pizza's!

Need lunch in a hurry? This pitta-pizza idea is something I'd seen from a couple of friends and the kids loved them alhamdulillah!

All you need are pitta bread (alhamdulillah pitta's are great to store in the freezer ready on standby!), tomato puree, and any melting cheese.

I usually lightly toast the pittas in the toaster before just spreading a very small amount of puree, finish with cheese and any other topping that might be in the fridge!

Put under the grill to melt then cut into quarters and serve on a big sharing plate!

Lunch in 5 minutes....done!

Snack time...Date & Pecan bites!

Need a quick sweet yummy snack in a hurry? Try these bite size treats with only 2 ingredients...yes only 2 ingredients!

What you need:
Pecan nuts (or any other nut of your choice)

What to do:
I don't think it is rocket science working out what you need to do... looking at the picture, its pretty self explanatory!
Simply take out the date stone by pressing a knife into the side of the date to open, insert the nut in place of the stone, and close up leaving the nut popping out the top.

I plated them in a circle with a mini box of raisins in the centre. Tuck in and enjoy!
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