Mini Family Tree- Prophet Ismael and Ishaaq

Here's a brief family Tree to fill in to show the kids the parents of Ismael and Ishaaq inshallah.

If you'd like to download, you can inshallah HERE.

Sorting Materials

Today was our Tuesday Science class with several other home educating kids alhamdulillah. The lesson was from the National Curriculum describing different materials.

Each of the children brought several objects made from different materials which we put onto the table.

I laid out labels on the floor naming some different materials : Plastic, Wood, Glass, cardboard, Metal and Fabric.

We first had a look at the items on the table and briefly talked about some materials (very briefly!) before we played a game - each child took in turns to select an object from the table and place with the correct label.
I asked them to think about how they feel when deciding (as they found some items difficult to identify) and they helped each other too.

Here's the finished groups after the sorting was complete.

Whilst sorting we identified the glass jars had metal lids so we separated them in order to put into the correct material category accordingly.

Although this isn't covered according to the national curriculum in this unit, we also separated the metal into 2 groups, magnetic and non magnetic. I briefly explained that there are different types of metal and some stick together and these are magnetic. Metals which don't stick are non magnetic. (I know its not a very scientific explanation...but thought would serve as a simple basic intro for when magnets are properly introduced later inshallah... !). The kids took turns using a small horse-shoe magnet to pick a metal and see if they stick. Those which did the kids identified are magnetic, and those that didn't they identified were non-magnetic.

The magnetic metals

The non-magnetic metals. (I told the kids to move their feet back but Z had to sneak in - just noticed now!)

We looked at the tin foil and noted how it was different to the other metals because it was so thin. The same with the bubble wrap plastic compared to the other harder plastics.

We also talked about the practicalities of materials and how some materials are better suited for certain things than others.
To give a couple of examples, I took a glass and filled with water, explaining its good to use a glass to drink, as the glass contains the water.
I then asked what they'd think would happen if we had a "cup" made from fabric rather than glass! They thought I was crazy! We took a sock (over a bowl) and poured water to check what would happen. (they found it hilarious!)

We  looked at the wooden table and compared it to a bed mattress. The remaining children (who didn't do the sock experiment) took turns laying on the table to test how comfortable it is if they were to sleep on it.
We also took a large cushion and questioned its use as a table, asking would we be able to write upon it?
Thus giving a basic understanding to how different materials are better suited for different purposes.

The kids then filled in a worksheet, drawing a picture and naming 2 objects for each material category.

This all took about 2 hours to complete - we didn't finish everything detailed according to the national framework site, so still some elements of the unit to complete - such as looking up reference books to find out more about each material and choosing objects to describe its feel. But I figured the kids could go home and do this for homework inshallah :)

Endangered Animals project

A while ago K developed an interest in endangered animals and extinction. We started this a couple of months ago but haven't actually done alot to it!

Yesterday we completed another animal so thought would post what she's done so far.

I put together the book using cardboard and covered with black construction paper, putting together with string - thus making a nice A3-ish size board book.

On the opening page we have a global map which K marks each country that each animal she looks at comes from.

K chose to find out about Pandas first, which we learnt are from China and there are only approximately 1000 left in the world!

K made a small booklet with a factual story about a Panda which included alot of information about Pandas.

The next animal K chose was Polar Bears. I've had all the prep done for this for weeks and weeks and weeks....but as with alot of things round here its been left in the cupboard waiting!
We learnt that Polar Bears are under threat because of the melting Ice....and I didn't realise that Polar Bears are found in 5 countries, Greenland, Russia, Alaska, Northern Canada and Norway......and did you know that Polar Bears skin is actually black!!!! SubhanAllah!

And in the interest of equality (Z doesn't get alot of blog attention yet! awww) here is Z's polar bear (made with cotton wool)

I got the animal material from Homeschool share.

Here is the Panda
Here is the Polar Bear

I think the Panda collage I googled a template I can not remember the site. The same for the Polar Bear collage, I just googled polar bear template I think, I didn't record the site.

Where is Allah?

Recently we have been doing alot of discussion about where Allah is, and alhamdulillah JazakAllah khayr to ukti Umm Maimoonah who posted this link to a beneficial website Islam the basics.

Islam the basics has some nice small treatises for kids explaining important understandings about Allah in a manner appropriate for younger children alhamdulillah.

I printed off the small treatises for younger kids, which I stapled together to make small booklets, and alhamdulillah K loves reading them.
As a future mini project I might ask K t o make a front cover for each of the booklets inshallah to keep them nice (and maintain her interest!).

Today we read the treatise discussing where Allah is. After which I told K that I wanted her to explain in her own words where Allah is so that I could then write onto the board. I could see in her face she didn't appeal to that idea, so I suggested that we pretend we are writing a letter to someone who doesn't know anything about Allah, so we have to teach them! Alhamdulillah she found her enthusiasm then!

So I first asked K to explain to me where Allah is, before I asked her to tell me what to write on the whiteboard. I wrote as she dictated (with a couple of prompts).
I then asked K to copy the whiteboard onto her paper.

There were 3 main purposes to this exercise -
  1. K to be able to confidently explain where Allah is and that He is separate to His creation.
  2. Copy work to improve K's writing - I drew guidelines up on the whiteboard for me to write on and instructed her to pay attention to how the letters sit on the line - particularly letters with tails which sit beneath the line etc.
  3. To demonstrate to K how she can transfer her more detailed thoughts onto paper.
This is her copy work - but the explanation and wording is her own mashAllah.

Where is Allah?
Allah is above His creation. He is above His Arsh. Allah made me and you. Is Allah everywhere? No! Allah can see us, but He is not everywhere, Allah is not inside His creation! He is not in His creation, because He made everything.

Changing Tense

Yesterday we did a random introduction to changing Tense! How it came about, was the other day I printed out THESE WORKSHEETS about Tense from TES Connect. (you will have to sign in, in order to view the sheets - TES connect is a teacher resource sharing site - it only takes a minute to register and you can find some beneficial lesson plans, activities, and worksheets shared by teachers).

Anyway, I thought yesterday we would fill them in - basically the worksheet is just simple sentences asking you to fill in the blank - for example the first sentence would be:

"Yesterday Jack went to the park"
and the second sentence would be "Tomorrow Jack ________to the park".

So the child just fills in the missing word  to show how it changes according to what tense you use.

It may sound silly, but I thought K would be able to just fill this in without much direction - she speaks using Tense naturally so its something automatically she knows how to do (as any child does when they learn to speak!) - however before I gave her the sheet I realised that she doesn't have a clue what "Tense" means in regards to the past, present and future (I've never explained it before), so I thought it would be silly not to give an introduction to this first (obviously!).

So anyway, I drew a table up on the white board, and explained what the Past, the Present and the Future means. It took a bit of time before she understood that "present" in this context, does not mean a gift! I started with "the Past" and wrote a simple explanation as to what that means, before asking K to copy into her exercise book.
Then I moved onto "the future" with its simple explanation and asking K to copy. So in this way, I wrote out and discussed each section so that K could copy in small manageable chunks. (If I asked her to copy the whole table out at the end, it would have been too overwhelming for her).

I didn't give K the worksheets to complete yet - I think I need to do another lesson on this topic first to ensure she has fully comprehended how the tense changes. As I was doing the washing up I kept asking her to explain each tense and mashAllah she seems to have grasped it alhamdulillah - I just want to ensure that it really stays in her memory and understanding though inshallah. (so that when she does the worksheet......there will be no tears inshallah! seriously, I want her to be able to do the worksheet by herself without my help inshallah, so I want to make sure she is fully understands first inshallah.)

During this lesson, I showed K how to use the dictionary. I first introduced the dictionary a couple of weeks ago, and although I explained what it is I looked up the word with her.
This time, I helped K to look up the word with a bit of help. Anyone who reads the comments at the end of some postings will see my spelling is terrible, as there is no spell check!
 So as we were writing on the white board, I wasn't sure of the spelling "tomorrow" so thought best to look up and it was a good opportunity to do this with K using the dictionary.
I explained again how we find a word and once found, I asked K to read out the spelling for me and I copied it onto the board.....she found this quite amusing telling me how to spell! lol.

The dictionary we have is the Collins First School Dictionary for kids. I think I bought it from ebay alhamdulillah in very good condition mashAllah.

K likes looking at this book of words, we have another rhyming dictionary which she looks at and has helped her understanding of rhyming words. (again bought 2nd hand on ebay alhamdulillah).
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