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I remember sitting in front of the big chunky PC with my husband, staring together at the deregistration letter I had written to notify the school that our (then) 4-year old daughter wouldn’t be returning after the winter break because we decided to home educate

We sat for what felt like a lifetime, asking each other are we sure about this, before my husband out of nowhere slammed down his finger and pressed SEND!

It was done!

A wave of overwhelm hit me almost instantaneously mixed with the excitement

What was I supposed to do now? How do I do this? I had nothing ready or prepared!

The mammoth task of educating my child without school and taking full responsibility for that, felt all of a sudden heavy!

I was clueless and had no idea where to begin

I remember desperately trying to reach out to sisters with older children to ask my questions and get some direction from. They were often too busy with their own homeschool to give the help I craved.

One thing I know now that I didn’t know then and I want to pass onto you, is don't rush! Break down the task of learning to navigate homeschool into smaller chunks

Stop seeing all the things you *think* you have to do immediately and start giving yourself time and permission to simply “learn” about homeschool

You couldn’t jump into the deep end of a pool until you learned to swim because you’d drown. So learn to swim!

Learn what homeschool is, learn what opportunities it opens up, learn how you want it to look, and discover what your family needs from it

And then, take it one day at a time - not years at a time. Your child isn’t writing his PhD tomorrow! You have time to figure this out and enjoy the process without overwhelming yourself and your children.

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You CAN Homeschool With Confidence

I have a bitter-sweet announcement to make, and if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have already heard. 

I've made the decision to focus on serving my Mums Unstuck parenting membership ladies and start working on some awesome brand new projects I hope to launch later this year, insha'Allah. And so with a heavy heart, I will no longer be running the Homeschool With Confidence programme live. 

Whenever something discontinues, there has to be an epic sale and so I am excited to tell you, that the Homeschool With Confidence programme is running a discontinuation sale until E'id al-Adha (2022). I've combined it with the Building The Homeschool Of Our Dreams Planner Kit as a bonus and saving you £170. You can now sign up to the pre-recorded self-paced programme with bonuses (including two live events later this year) for just £40! 

Yes, you read that right, only £40 for the complete programme and bonuses. 


➡️Eliminate the homeschool fears that hold you back

➡️Crush overwhelm that stops you from enjoying your children

➡️Say goodbye to self-doubt in your ability to educate your family without school

➡️ Avoid the setbacks of making rookie mistakes it takes most years to learn

➡️ Trust yourself, your kids and the homeschool process

Homeschool With Confidence will help you build the homeschool of your dreams insha'Allah. Not my version of an ideal homeschool or anyone else's....yours.

🎉No more sleepless nights questioning "am I doing the right thing?".

🎉No more guessing what you should be doing next!

🎉No more feeling stuck and out of control!

🎉No more social media scrolling that overwhelms!

This is THE programme to equip you to say goodbye to your fears, overwhelm and self-doubt so you CAN homeschool with confidence and spend more time doing the things that matter to you, insha'Allah!

Homeschool With Confidence is a transformative self-paced programme designed to provide you with guidance and mentorship all in the same place. Allowing you to focus on building a happy thriving homeschool you are confident, excited and passionate about bi'ithnillah.

It is perfect for mums in the early stages of homeschool, those preparing to start in the future as well as current home educators in need of a reboot and motivation boost.

Take advance of this one-of-a-kind discount and get both the course and planner kit for only £40!!!! Saving a whopping £170 off the original total! 

Come take a look at what the programme offers and purchase over on the Mums Unstuck website here and start building your dream homeschool with complete confidence in your ability to educate your family without school. 

I can't wait to meet you inside of our dedicated private community! x

Muslim Homeschool Course
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