Journal writing postcard!

Wanted to think of something a little more interesting to use for a journal writing activity, and thought a postcard could be abit quirky!
Write on one side, design a stamp and illustrate a nice picture on the back!

Simple... but hopefully, making a little writing seem a little more interesting inshallah!

Its yours to download HERE inshallah!

Another version for pre-writing children, a blank space postcard so that they can just draw a picture of something they did (after explaining we don't draw people or animals first!!!).

You can download it HERE inshallah!

The Searching Angels! - free printable story!

"The Searching Angels" is hadeeth narrated by Abu Hurairah reporting the Messenger of Allah telling how the Angels go out in search of groups of people engaged in the remembrance of Allah, and when they find them the discussion between the Angels and Allah about these people.......presented as a story book"

Taken directly from the English Translation to help young readers become accustomed to the language of ahadeeth.
The narration is broken down into a few lines per page to help make it digestible to younger readers inshallah.

It is available free, to read online or download and print inshallah.

Read online FREE HERE using a virtual flipbook inshallah!

Download and print HERE inshallah! (the page setting is aligned so that it can be printed 2 pages to 1A4 sheet of paper...and folded in half to make stronger doubled page...see previous post for full explanation here)
Download and print HERE  inshallah! (the page setting is aligned central)

The example below has been printed using the first download option, which has the pages aligned to the side to allow the A4 sheet to be folded over in half before binding. Once bound, pages are central.
Its also been printed on 130gsm paper, which gives a sturdier page.

Little book of Fractions workbook!

I'm playing around with the idea to not use a maths curriculum and instead mush a load of things together to make our own, I want to focus more on practical rather than feeling duty bound to school workbooks...I'm trialing this idea for the next couple of months and see how we go bi'ithnillah!
Thought I'd introduce fractions, so a very basic and simple workbook....
which can be downloaded inshallah here

I used a wooden fraction board and the Learning Resources fraction cubes to help explain and demonstrate fractions. To explain fractions as in groups, we grabbed whatever we had to hand, pencils and shells etc.

Didn't have a stapler to hand (broken!) so punched and used some ribbon instead!

20 shells which were divided into quarters. Asked simple questions such as, how many shells are in 1 quarter, 3 quarters etc. etc.

Told to put one quarter back, and say how many (as a fraction) are left.

Design a game worksheet

A simple worksheet to design a playground style game. This lesson was done with my 6 year old and a couple of her friends, so they had opportunity to talk about ideas first and to try out one anothers games after they finished.
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