Montessori addition

I want to give K a good sense and understanding of numbers before I move onto other mathematics principals. As obviously, understanding numbers is the fundamental foundation to understanding maths! (or so I assume anyway!?!?! lol)

I have however, been introducing addition. Here is a simple practical lesson we did which doesn't involve any writing to solve the equations.

We have a box of simple addition sums (the largest answer is 19 or 20), which the child selects and places on the mat. She then takes the corresponding beads (or any other counter can be used, for example buttons, sticks, bottle tops...anything!) for each number in the addition and places them beside the equation. After counting the beads, adding the 2 numbers together, she finds the answer card and places next to the equation.

Although we purchased the set of sums from an online Montessori store, it is easy to make (I just really couldn't be bothered  to do all the cutting and laminating!). You could easily just write / print off the simple sums, and separately write / print the answers 2-20 and store them in an envelope for example.

Its a nice practical lesson, which avoids the need for writing the answers .....or a good introduction to simple sums before using the pencil to write them.

Z who was playing with the beads while K did her lesson, also wanted me to take a photo of her work the same as her big sister! So this is Z's efforts (she is 2).....

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