Arabic possessive pronouns worksheets

arabic possessive pronouns worksheet printable

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We've been working on Arabic possessive pronouns this week, so here is a set of four work sheets to help practice writing them; and includes the vocab translation.

What are possessive pronouns?

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here, there is an easy explanation on what Arabic possessive pronouns are and how to use them from All the Arabic you didn't learn the first time around.

I've found this website to be hugely helpful over the years and I love the name; I can't help but smile when I read it.

Get your Arabic possessive pronouns worksheet printable

Click through the highlighted text below to download the 4 page worksheet set:

{Arabic possessive pronouns worksheets}

Possessive pronoun game

If you're looking for other ways to practice working on possessive pronouns, you might also like this Arabic possessive pronouns game which you can print and includes a poster to help you.

Arabic possessive pronouns printable worksheets


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