How to homeschool your preschooler: your questions answered with a free ebook

how to homeschool muslim preschool

Following my last post on how to homeschool a two year old, I said I'd answer some of your questions that were sent to me through Instagram, relating to home-schooling your preschool aged child. I've gone ahead and converted my answers into a free pdf ebook to make it super easy to pick up and flick through.

Much of my advice stems off the principle that pre-schoolers pretty much don't need homeschooling any more than a preschooler needs school. What they do need parenting. 

They need you dear Mama, not a homeschool teacher. 

If you are an engaged and interested parent, your child will thrive inshaAllah. Do what parents do best:
  • Read aloud plenty.
  • Talk plenty.
  • Play plenty.
  • Provide an environment in the home which encourages and nurtures your child's curiosity for discovery and exploration.
The ebook has been designed with digital viewing in mind so is easy to read from your mobile phone or tablet.
You'll find answered:
  1. How to homeschool a two year old.
  2. What about a four year old? Do you start structured "school" / activities or still do random activities with them?
  3. How do you keep to a schedule? I Have the best intentions but can't keep to it.
  4. Can you generally list subjects / topic / concepts I should be teaching apart from alphabets and numbers?
  5. How to incorporate Islamic studies at this age?
  6. I am looking for some activities in which lessons can be incorporated.
  7. How to keep them away from phones or any other gadgets?
  8. My first language isn't English so should I read English books to him or not?
  9. Do I really need to reinforce the alphabets with activities when I see he's catching on amazingly without it?
  10. How to not become overwhelmed by so much that is out there?
  11. How do you answer when someone tells you that home-schooling is bad for your children?
  12.  I am considering home-schooling. I have no idea and I am a disorganised person. I am also worried that since I am not really good at maths I might not  be able to do well.
I hope it offers some benefit to you in your journey.
Download your copy through the highlighted text below:

Free ebook: Homeschooling your pre-schooler

How to homeschool your preschooler free ebook


  1. hi can you give me uour email id . i have some questions !plus do u have an 'islamic'preschool curicullum? ide really appreciate one (arabic)

  2. MasyaAllah this booklet is amazing! I highly recommend for all parents who is struggling (as I was) to find footing on educating their child. May Allah reward the author abundantly.


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