Getting ready for back to school.... reorganisation!

getting ready for back to (home)-school ......reorganisation!

Is anybody still there???
Its been rather a while since I last hopped on! I hope everyone had a beneficial Ramadan and an enjoyable E'id.

Here we are now, heading into the middle of July and I am itching to get back to our studies inshallah...although my girls may not be...they have certainly enjoyed the time off!

We don't typically do a great deal of home schooling over Ramadan. To be honest, its been a good couple of months since we have actually home schooled (ssshhh don't tell anyone!)

My youngest sister who is just 5, was diagnosed with leukaemia a couple of months ago alhamdulillah, so I was at my Father's home for a time to help with my younger siblings to allow my Father and step-mother to be at the hospital.
I planned to "school" whilst we were there, but gave up. There were more important things that needed to be attended to at that time, and screaming at the kids to finish a dull worksheet wasn't one of them!
 Then Ramadan came, so the focus wasn't on working, although we did do a couple of days towards the last week before deciding we'd restart afresh after E'id inshallah.

E'id has passed, so now there are no excuses left. We have to pull up our sleeves and dive back in.
In preparation for the big school restart on Monday, everything is getting reorganised and reordered this weekend attempt of trying to bring a new lease of life to our home schooling endeavours!

I have a box full of workbooks and half completed lapbooks that have been sat besides our dining room table for probably 2 years, because I keep thinking we will use these one day .....we haven't! I think its time this box and its contents disappeared!

I want to find a new place for all our educational books that have been hidden away in the cupboard because they rarely get used. I thought it was a good idea to keep them all in the big walk in cupboard we have, so they would be out the way but still easily accessable .....but it seems no one wants to go in there because it is so squishy.....and when a book is taken it appears it does not want to be replaced back in its original categorised home (yes I have categories!) and so it is just chaos in there!

As mentioned in my last post, this academic year is my eldest's final primary school year, so I feel like we are heading towards the finish line of a half marathon, and its time to now pick up the pace for the last leg inshallah!
Not long after we begun home educating, I stumbled across Sue Patricks workbox system, which worked great for us. However, as the children got older, I didn't continue to use. The point we are at now, I feel we need that level of organisation again, and so pondered how could I transform the original plastic shoe-box idea into something more appropriate for my now some-what older children and wouldn't require as much space!
Alhamdulillah I found a box on Amazon with hanging file folders, perfect for storing the days work. I'll share more about this in another post inshallah.

We have no home schooling clubs over the summer, so its a great time to do a little catching up inshallah and put all this reorganisation into action bi'ithnillah!


  1. Allah y chafi your young sister. Lots of love and prayers and doua3s To her. A sister from France. Khadija

  2. Assalam alayki rahmattullah sister. Allah chaffih your little sister ameen.
    Another French sister; Oum Mouhammad.

  3. Loads of duas for your sister, syafahuLlah.

  4. Bismillaah


    May Allaah give your little sister ease and good health Aameen!


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