Great online Arabic reading series!

If you are looking for an Arabic reading series to help your children read and learn the Arabic language inshallah, then be sure to check out Omar and Maryam!

Alhamdulillah I found out about this site through an email and although I haven't checked the whole site back to back, what I have seen looks pretty good subhanAllah.....and it is totally free!!!!

As you can see though, it does contain pictures - so we should be cautious and explain to our children that the picture making is haram.

The series is just like any English reading book set, in that the first books are very basic, with only a few words which are repeated often! As the books go up in levels, so does the number of words and difficulty.

It includes an audio feature to help with pronunciation, and each time new vocab is introduced it has its full vowelation markings (harakat), the markings are then dropped after a couple of uses.

At the end of each book are a couple of quizzes which help to solidify vocab understanding!

A really useful site for children and adults of all ages...just start at your reading / vocab level!

To help my children develop their reading and master the vocab inshallah, I've started to put together flashcards using the vocab in each book.


  1. Jazaaki Allahu khayr! Thanks so much for sharing such a great resource :)

  2. Wa'iyyaki, alhamdulillah, barakAllahu feeki


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