Happy learning

A happy home school lesson, is a lesson learnt!
As I sat with my youngest this morning whilst she worked on her Maths, she worked so well barakAllahu feeha, that after finishing one page, I braved suggesting lets take a 5 minute break and we'll do another.
She asked why, since for such a long time we have stuck to completing one page a day. I answered gently, explaining we really should try to be doing 2 pages (I will admit we probably are a bit behind in maths). She was okay with that, and we sat together playing with the number blocks, creating little sculptures if you will for 5 minutes, then set to work on page 2, which she worked through beautifully Alhamdulillah.

As she was coming to the end of the page, it came to mind, lets go for a third! I mean, she has worked through 2 pages in less than five minutes each....its not like we spent all morning on maths, another side of questions whilst she seems to be in the mood, will be a doddle, why not take advantage of that!

Before my lips opened to speak, another thought entered my consciousness ....yes she has worked brilliantly on these 2 pages, happily ploughing through......so why do I want to push her further, can't the lesson simply end on a happy note so that tomorrow when we come to open the books again, she will have a good memory of todays maths and how simple it was to work through 2 pages....rather than tugging through more, which will no doubt eventually lead to an eruption of tears at some point, because she will just have had enough?

So I stopped, she finished the page, closed the book and we had a little conversation about how great that lesson was, and she continued building with the maths blocks. Happy.

Note to self: Don't wait for tears until the lesson is done. A positive ending is a positive result!
I'm happy cooking a nice dinner for the family.....I wouldn't be happy if I was told since I happily cooked dinner, I should then continue to cook another meal straight after.
One meal at a time is enough!


  1. I just love it when something clicks for them, mashAllah. I definitely agree about the preference for them enjoying learning over simply completing a task!

  2. This is really encouraging. There is no doubt that we enjoy learning with our kids.

  3. :-) Jazaak-Allahu khayran for sharing the experience. my little one has yet to reach that age, but it is empowering to know of situations that i could encounter as well as ideas for activities and the 'how to'.


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