Arabic moon and sun letters (free) poster print!

Hot off the press! Check out our new Arabic moon and sun letters poster print....the only cost to you is your ink and a sheet of gloss photo paper!

The print sets out the Arabic alphabet on top of a sun or moon to show whether each letter is Huroof-ul-Qamariyyah or Huroof-ush-shamsiyyah.

Its been designed to allow you to print borderless to give a full size poster with no white edge left around the sides (just check the "print borderless" option in your printer settings).....and using gloss photo paper (available in pound stores) really will give you a shop-bought finished product inshallah!
To get your print copy just click into the high-lighted text below inshallah....


  1. Barak Allahu fik, very nice mashaAllah.

  2. Hi I am not Muslim but I would like my daughter to learn Arabic as my family are Lebanese. Unfortunately I do not know how to speak, read or write it either so I am trying to learn it myself. So if there is anything with the English transliteration as well as the Arabic that would be much appreciated.

    Thanks and God Bless


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