Arabic Alphabet lapbook 5 of 5!

arabic alphabet lapbook, arabic worksheets
The last five weeks have flown by subhanAllah! Here we have the final instalment of our Arabic alphabet lapbook series!

This lapbook covers the remaining 4 letters (rather than 6 like the previous lapbooks), so included is a small mini book with the full alphabet to allow your student to read their letters altogether on completion bi'ithnilllah!

To download please click on the highlighted text below bi'ithnillah:
{Arabic alphabet lapbook 5}

If you missed the previous lapbooks, you will find them all under the Arabic Label on the side bar running along the right inshaAllah.
And if you want to see what a completed lapbook looks like, please check out the first original post where I've included pictures!

Happy Lapbooking! (smile!)

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