Note pad kids craft!

This note book is a fun craft for the kids to put together and is something they will cherish because they made it!

All it is, is a small pocket size note pad which has been decorated, siting inside a Velcro shut card cover.

Its very simple to put together, I took the idea from a tutorial I found on youtube, you can watch it inshallah HERE!

I adapted the tutorial, rather than using a file folder to make the cover, I used an A4 sheet of card which I just cut to size to suit the size of the pocket note pad I was using, and used Velcro instead of the magnet to shut it closed.

I pre-prepared all the card and paper cut outs, so the girls just had to put it together. (I think I would have asked for trouble if they had to measure, mark and score themselves!).

The note-pad is just decorated with cut-to-size craft paper from front to back and finished with a ribbon (using thin strip of double sided tape to hold in place!).

The end result was cute and the kids loved it! My 6 year old took it to bed with her and is writing all sorts inside alhamdulillah!
They would make pretty nice gifts for friends and family members at E'id or something.....would be nice to give something the kids have made, yet looks so usable alhamdulillah! Plus when the notepad is finished, just take it out of the cover, and insert a new one!)

I used a pocket size note pad, and used it to measure out the correct proportions for the outer cover, cut, and scored along the fold marks.

Pre-cut materials ready to assemble!

Cut Velcro strips to size....I saw this in poundland or the works, I cant remember! Cheaper than getting the little Velcro dots! (although the dots to look more presentable!)


  1. Really cute Maashaa Allaah! Nice craft activity for kids. We may do this someday Inshaa Allaah since lot of writing take place here I need to stock up some notebooks!!! Jazzakillaah Khayr for sharing!

  2. assalamu alaikum,
    Cute project mashaAllah, my daughter would love working on something like this inshaAllah.
    Jazakillahu khair for sharing.

  3. wa'alaikum asalaam wa rahmatullah akhwaat,
    BarakAllahu feek!
    youtube has loads of great ideas alhamdulillah! If I cant be creative will show me how! lol.

  4. MASHA ALLAH MASHA ALLAH MASHA ALLAH, I am once again very inspired by your blog. Making a fresh start today insha Allah. Keep up the great work sis! Lovin it : )


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