muslim homeschool course

Please note: This is a 7 week course although advertised as 5.


  1. Where is your Ramadan pack 2019

    1. apologies I just noticed this question -

  2. Assalamu alaikum, I love your website. There is so much content in here. Sadly there are only 24 hours a day and much work, so don't have many time to read. You do an amazing job. I don't do homeschooling. But I look here for tips to help my children learn better, because school has no time to teach children right skills. I have the opinion, they only hurry through the themes, but don't teach them how to learn to learn themselves... In my young ages we have learned it, now school has changed. I would say old school was better, we had more time, more skills, and more fun. Now everything is only for the graduation test... May Allah give out children the best İman and ilm. JazakAllahu kheiran for everything sister.

    1. wa alaikum asalaam wa rahmatullah,
      Alhamdulillah all good is certainly from Allah. May Allah forgive me for what you don't know and make me better than you think.

      You make an excellent point - schools don't teach children how to learn - an excellent book I recommend that you can read with your children at home is Learning How To Learn by Barabara Oakley

      It is written directly for older children so they could read it themselves or you could read together as a family and discuss (you will get a great deal of benefit if you read together and discuss)


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