Home Learning - FREE eBook for Muslim parents

Help for muslim mums with schools closed due to the coronavirus

Many parents across the world are finding themselves at home with the children due to school closures following the current pandemic that is the coronavirus.
I’m receiving questions from school mums seeking advice on what to do as they find themselves in this unexpected schooler-at-home position; albeit a temporary one.

I have put together this short FREE eBooklet that I hope will provide a more comprehensive response than the brief reply I can give to each of you in private; designed to help aid us during this time and indeed continue to provide benefit to anyone interested in learning at home even after this epidemic has passed insha’Allah.

If you are reading this long after the outbreak has ended, you will still find value in this publication for suggested activities to try at home during weekends after school with your family bi’ithnillah.

The eBook has been designed to be easily read on your mobile device; however if you do decide to print I'd recommend printing two pages to one sheet since the text is formatted in a large font to allow easy digital viewing on a mobile.

Click the highlighted text below to get your free copy insha'Allah

Download Home Learning eBook for Muslim parents 

Home Learning - a free ebook guide for Muslim parents at home

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