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Help the kids this Ramadan with My Ramadan Journal

It’s that time of year where we find ourselves waiting to welcome Ramadan into our homes again inshaAllah; may Allah allow us to witness it.

As parents and educators, we love getting ready for this special month; we love teaching children to get excited in anticipation of its arrival, and we love encouraging them towards good.

To help kick start your Ramadan preparations, I’m super happy to introduce to you this doodly note-book style Ramadan Journal with a twist...(and it is now gifted to you to use for personal use only)

It is designed with two parts; the first to be used before Ramadan, the second during....and it includes 13 cover designs to choose from so the kids can all have something different (if they want to!).

Ramadan Journal for kids - different covers to choose from

Preparing for Ramadan

The first part consists of a 14-page pre-Ramadan introduction to the month; exploring some of the important elements to help your children or students get ready.

The fun doodle style pages can be coloured (with a little writing or drawing), covering a brief look at the following topics:

• Ramadan (Surah Baqarah 2:183)
• Why did Allah create me?
• The 5 Pillars of Islam
• What is Ramadan?
• Our special meal (sahoor)
• What the fasting person is encouraged to do, and abstain from
• The Night Prayer
• Laylat-ul-Qadr
• Zakat-ul-Fitr
• E’id-ul-Fitr

As well as activities including:
  • Good deeds brainstorming
  • Ramadan goals
  • Getting my Ramadan goals inshaAllah

Preparing for Ramadan with Kids

Ramadan Journal Daily Log

The second section is the daily log to be used throughout the month of Ramadan consisting of two pages to complete each day:

• Progress tracker page for each day (x30)
• (Ramadan related) Hadith of the Day for the whole month (x30)

Daily log from the Ramadan Journal

Encouraging children this Ramadan

If you’re looking for something fun to help encourage the children to increase their understanding of this month before it begins, and work harder to achieve some of their goals, this will help you do that bi’ithnillah.

It encourages children to look at Ramadan and how it fits into their life; guiding them to think of as many good deed ideas as they can before setting their own goals and working out solutions to challenges they may encounter.

Ramdan Journal daily tracker for kids and hadith of the day

The daily log provides a tracking tool where they can record each of the daily prayers completed, set a goal for the day, colour their attempts of fasting (whether a full fast or part fast) and record a good deed they did.
It also helps to encourage daily reflection of the Qur’an, asking them to choose an ayah to copy each day.

The purpose of this page is to help motivate our children to make efforts in seeking good for themselves inshaAllah; to help them pay greater attention to their actions and see the progress they are making.

Ramdan Journal for kids

Who is this Ramadan Journal for?

I'd say the Ramadan Journal would probably suit children between the ages of around 5/6-ish to 10/11-ish .....although my 13 year old has seen it and is begging for a copy too (she might not like I told you that...don't tell her!).
Younger children who are eager to get involved with the rest of the family can benefit too; colouring each page and using drawings instead of writing, or help from a parent / older sibling to transcribe.

It is a simple journal...designed to be fun, with lots to colour and get creative!

Its something which most children can work on pretty independently....and would even be a nice keepsake to keep to look back on in years to come. 

Whilst the "Preparing for Ramadan" section does provide some basic information around some important topics to help prepare before the month begins, it is not a comprehensive explanation, rather a simple introduction which can be read and further discussed together....a great dinner time conversation, or an addition to your Ramadan lessons.

Fun for everyone

The awesome thing is, this is something the whole family or classroom can do together, each getting to put their own stamp on their journal choosing an individual cover they like. 

Want a peek inside the Ramadan Journal?

What will I receive?

The Ramadan Journal is an 80 page (A4 size) PDF, and is designed to allow borderless printing to give a professional-looking finish inshaAllah.
This means when you select the "print borderless" option in your printer settings, you won't be left with a white edge around each page (my camera and photography skills are not awesome....the journal pages are designed with a square paper background....if you squint real hard you might just see them on the photos!).

I know we like to use our printers wisely, and so the journal is purposefully designed to go easy on the ink, so you don't need to worry about working your printer too hard!

Tarawih page from the Ramadan Journal for kids

Terms of use

It is not permissible to share, resell or distribute the Journal whether in digital or printed form.

To be clear, this means you can not forward the journal file on whatsapp, email or any other electronic form of sharing. 

Nor can you host it on your own websites, blogs or other.

Nor can you sell the file or print and sell - this includes charities. 
The 5 pillars of Islam page from the Ramadan Journal

What sources have been used?

While the information presented is very basic, to help compile this journal, the following sources have been used and all references are included:
  • Sittings During the Blessed Month of Ramadan, Shiekh Muhammad Bin Salih al-Uthaymin - Riwayah Publishing.
  • Sahih al-Bukhari, English Translation, Darussalam
  • Sahih al-Muslim, English Translation, Darussalam
  • Riyad-us-Saliheen, English Translation, Darussalam
  • The Legislative Rulings for E'id-ul-Fitr, Shiekh AbdulQaadir al-Junayd, Muwahhideen Publications
Help kids reach their Ramadan Goals

Download The Journal

The Ramadan Journal was previously on sale, and it is now gifted to you for personal use only so I hope you have fun using it this year!

To download the journal links, click on the highlighted text below. 

If you're on Instagram I'd love to see snaps you share of your journal printed so please do tag me @amuslimhomeschool

Help children prepare for Ramadan and reach their Ramadan goals with this printable journal


  1. As salamu alikum , how many days before Ramadan should this book be started? Im thinking of making the month of Ramadan 80% Deen and 20% academics in our homeschool

  2. May Allah reward you in this life and the next!

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  4. I need this for my class. Can I please purchase?

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      you can purchase through the paypal button towards the bottom of the post inshaAllah.
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