Welcome Ramadan pre-school colouring book

I've simplified the Welcome Ramadan workbook, to produce a pre-school colouring book for Z.....so she can feel like she is doing the same as her big sister!
Get your free copy of the Ramadan workbook


  1. Assalaamu alaikum Umm Khadija :)

    I love the colouring book Jazzakillahu khair for sharing.

    I am printing now insha Allah :)

    Fee Amaanillah
    Umm Imaan

  2. Wa'alaikum asalaam wa rahmatullah,

    BarakAllahu feeki. Alhamdulillah!

  3. Masha Allah this is the BESST website I have seen With Regards to helping children in their Islamic Education. I Pray Allah Subhanahu Wata Aala continues to bless you in your hard efforts, reward you from his unlimited treasures, grant you the highest rank in jannah tul firdous and grant you the honour of being with the Prophet Muhammad Alayhis Salatu Wassalams wives in Jannah. Ameen

    1. I just noticed this comment! Appologies a loooong time to reply!
      Wa'iyyaki May you be granted the same!

      Alhamdulillah all good is indeed from Allah!

  4. Sorry forgot to mention the Ramadan colouring book is fantastic and have downloaded it for my students.

  5. masha Allah...jazaaki Allah khayiran

  6. Assalaamu alykum warahmatullah

    Jazakumullah khair for sharing. May Almighty Allah bless you and shower his mercy on you and may we meet in the gardens of Jannah In Shaa Allah.

  7. hai, I am teacher of studies islam, your blog is awesome, I love it much much much. i'll do for my class. thanks, barakallahu. may Allah bless you.

  8. As salamu alaikum sister/s
    May allah Swt enable you all with increased strength /patience and more knowledge to facilitate the affairs of the next gen. Alhamdulillah. I am benefiting myself and my students at the same time. Jazakallahu khairaan - yr sis from Sri lanka.

  9. Assalamo alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh subhanallah this is a very good colouring book, jazakallahu khairan
    Barakalluhu fikum


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