A cute Ramadan date gift....

Ramadan is only days away inshallah, no doubt we are all filling our shopping baskets with dates ready for ifta!
This is such a quick and easy activity to do with the kids inshallah - cute little net bags filled with dates and tied with ribbon, to give to friends, family and neighbours. A lovely Ramadan gift.

I plan to prepare a full basket of these inshallah, so that the kids can go out with their Baba to distribute them to friends and neighbours inshallah - a good "hands on" activity highlighting to the children the special recommendations the Prophet (saw) gave us about this nutritious and sweet fruit as well as encouraging them to give gifts!

This is so easy MashAllah - all you need are the following....
  1. dates!
  2. net (I bought mine from the market, I think it was about £1 a meter...remember towash before using!)
  3. ribbon (or anything else to tie the bag - wired flowers also look really pretty)
Simply cut your net into approximately 20cm squares, place a few dates in the centre (we used 3), fold up the corners and twist so that the net closes around the dates, and then tie with your ribbon or wired flower. Fluff out the net at the top and voila, a cute little gift ready in less than 30 seconds!


  1. Aww so cute Mashallah ! I like how you have given details of how you did it. It's so wonderful that the children went with their Abi to distribute Mashallah ! We did something similar too... :) You will ahve to scrll down a bit to see it though :)

  2. Asalaamu alaikaum Umm Umamah! Jazakillah khayr for your comments! And Jazakillah khayr for the link to your blog! Alhamdulillah I had a quick look and MashAllah I think I will be taking some ideas from you inshallah! ;-)

  3. My curiosity to know more about Ramadan brought me here. Thanks for sharing and wish you a blessed year :) I've also compiled some nice Ramadan greetings =)

  4. very cute Ramadan gift and easy super cute ideas..! thank you


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